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Good Gifts, Bad Gifts

by Vidya Sury December 16, 2008 0 comment

Its Christmas time,  and its time to start your gift shopping. I was browsing around and came across a lovely article on giving healthy gifts. Granted, it is not that easy choosing gifts for everyone. So here is a list to help you along – see if it makes sense – you will probably come up with even better ideas after you read this:
  • Olive Oil is a great gift to give. It is healthy, recommended by all health experts today. It is available in pretty containers
  • A massage gift voucher – I know I would love one – and lots of people would. 
  • A subscription to a health magazine – like Prevention, Health – so many people plan to read them – but never get around to doing it. You can help these people stay healthy
  • A health & glow store gift voucher – but this would depend on the person you are gifting it to.
  • A voucher offering, say, ten hours of your time helping out in running errands, shopping, babysitting, whatever.

Here are some ‘gifts’ best not given!
  • Recycled gifts – stuff you got last year, didn’t like. 🙂 imagine getting it back again next year!
  • Costly personal gifts – like jewelry. You went and bought a ring for a loved one and now they don’t like it. Bad idea. Waste of money. Why not consult them instead?
  • Buying identical gifts for siblings. Killing the surprise. How mean.
  • Toys that make big noise – Gross in a family gathering. There are exceptions though.
  • Last minute gifts – expensive, ugly and not worth it.
  • Chocolates – bad idea. Remind the recipient she’s putting on weight – or make her share it with everyone- so it really is not a personal gift.
  • Socks, underwear, handkerchiefs – most people prefer to do their own shopping for these. If you have to, give a gift voucher.
  • CDs and Books from a Sale – great when you know the person’s tastes, but terrible if you don’t.
  • Ultra-expensive gifts – gifts must be reciprocal. Why embarrass someone with something too expensive when they do not take the relationship seriously?
Merry Christmas!
Get those grey cells going – and do mail me at vidzworld@gmail.com – I would love to consolidate and post them as a follow up.  Am waiting to hear from you all.
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