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Out of the Box

by Vidya Sury December 14, 2008 1 comment

Sunday morning – 10.30 am – and I walked Vidur to his music class as usual. Not that he can’t go by himself – but I toddle along for the fun of it – and along the way – usually give him some typical ‘gyaan’ about life. This morning it was ‘think positive’ and, nodding sagely, we reached his class – and I began my walk back home. En route, I had to pick up something at the medical store and suddenly remembered that I needed a couple of medium sized cartons to pack away some extra stuff. So I asked the guy at the shop and he gave me a carton.

Then I set off home again, very pleased with myself about not forgetting to pick up the medicines. With the carton perched on one arm, I was walking….when I heard the first voice:

“Oye amma – yaake boxu thagondu hogta idiya?” (why you taking that box?)
Me – grinning – “swalpa samaan pack maadu beku” (wanna pack up some stuff)

I stopped at the Nandini booth to buy curd. The guy asks me:
“Oye amma – full box alli mosaru haakikondu hogtiya – hahahah” (are you filling up that box with curds)
Me – ” Arre illa ri. ehehehe” So enlightening!

I grin at the flower lady on the way. She asks: ” Ayyo amma – maney kaali maadta idiya? (are you vacating your house)
Me – “Illa ri – swalpa extra samaan haakubeku”(no – just want to pack up some stuff)

I turn at the end of the street – and encounter the subzi wala – and he asks, ” yenu ri- ishtu doddu box – yaake?” (such a big box – why)
Me – “arre – bekaagithu” (wanted it)

Then comes the fruit tela – and he says ” yenu ri – box alli yenu idey?”(what is in the box)
Me – “Yenu illa ri”

I am close to my apartment building’s gate – and my watchman asks me “Amma, cartoon box alli nanna koskara yenaadru idiya?”heheeh(is there anything in the carton for me?)
Me : hehehe.

I climb the staircase and reach my door – my neighbor’s daughter asks me: “Aunty, shall I hold the carton for you while you open the door” Ah, sweet.

So – who says its boring to carry a cardboard carton home?

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1 comment

Vasant Prabhu December 15, 2008 at 12:39 pm

I think there were all thinking out of the Box (lateral thinking that you mentioned in your earlier piece) 🙂


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