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Under Pressure

by Vidya Sury December 22, 2008 0 comment

Two days ago, my day began with something that really shook me up. 

I woke up as usual, brushed my teeth, blah-blah-ed and walked into the kitchen to find my mum very pleasantly ready with coffee. I savored the aroma, even as I noticed that she had already switched off the pressure cooker; there was something simmering on the stove – I must have looked amazed, because she laughed and said she couldn’t sleep so woke up earlier than usual and got the cooking going. We had planned to be at the doctor’s clinic at 9.15 am and hence the early start. Okay, it made sense.
Then she told me that the pressure cooker had sounded a bit odd and she switched off the gas just ten minutes ago. She had removed the weight off it. Well, then, it was just a matter of opening the lid now. She said it seemed to be stuck – so I automatically tried to open it. It looked near impossible to even budge the lid, but I am rather a whiz with these things, so very cleverly (or so I thought) I eeeeeeased it open. Awww man…..the lid came off with a really LOUD BHUPPPP!!! and the next thing I knew was – there was rice and dal EVERYWHERE. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. On the shelves, on the walls, on the ceilings, on every container on the shelves (we have wall-to-wall – ha, ha). AND the water purifier (Aquaguard) – it looked like it had a mixture of rice and dal poured over it. Phew! Oh, and the floor as well – and the shelves under the kitchen countertop. And, also on my face, my clothes, my hair … it was rice, rice everywhere and all my patience did shrink; coffee coffee in my cup, nor any drop to drink!”.
Well, I got to it with a sponge, a mop and a bucket of water. I cleaned away. I washed everything. I think I have to repaint the kitchen coz I seem to have removed some of the peach color off the ceiling and the walls. 
It wasn’t fun. After all, Murphy’s Law was at work. But in a few hours, we had the place back in better shape coz everything was now washed.
Now, all I have to show for it are a couple of marks on my face. Yeah, trophies. Burns a bit, but Time the great healer will do her stuff. 🙂 Then it will only be a memory.
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