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I know it is not Thanksgiving, but…

by Vidya Sury March 12, 2009 2 comments

Yeah, I know it is not Thanksgiving, but one really does not need a holiday to sit back and appreciate what one has got. Today, on my way back home from a meeting, I was just taking stock of things I should be thankful for. Here’s the A-Z list I came with:

I am thankful for:

a/ My family
b/ The fact that I am healthy and have the means to be able to manage things at home
c/ My mother, who suffers mostly in silence and patience through all her health ailments,
but is a great support when my balance is tilted
c/ My son, Vidur for being the way he is – affectionate, loving and generally well-behaved. He sings my favorite songs if he sees me looking worried!
d/ My husband who is always supportive and trusting.
e/ My friend who emails me or phones me if she does not see me online for a few hours.
f/ The people I meet each week, from whom I learn so much
g/ My local medical shop guy, who will cheerfully source and deliver any medicine at 10.30 pm
h/ The autorickshaw guy who will find a raised area that is level with the autorickshaw floor that my mom can get off comfortably.
i/ The flower lady, who goes to the market and gets lemon and makes it into a garland on my behalf on Tuesdays and Fridays because I told her I want to take it to the temple. She also insists I wear jasmine in my hair – and I do it, even though am not keen on it.
j/ The supermarket guys who follow me around cheerfully when I go to shop, chatting me up and being helpful – bringing my bags to my bike.
k/ One of the members of the committee I belong to – for uncannily phoning me just when I feel like talking to someone and making me feel much better.
l/ The people I work with – Creative Lipi for being so patient and appreciative of me.
m/ The Internet – for letting me keep in touch with people dear to me.
n/ Our doctors, for being so kind and supportive.
o/ Our local diagnostic lab guy who comes every month, does my mom’s blood tests and then chats with her for a few minutes
p/ Wockhardt hospital – all the staff, particularly the receptionist at the x-ray section who once helped me get my mom a lime juice when she was feeling dizzy.
q/ The OPD receptionist who is so sweet – she calls me back as soon as the doctor walks in from his rounds so that I may speak to him
r/ All the love I experience in so many little ways throughout the day
s/ My UPS – for its service and the people who are in charge of service
t/ My apartment watchman I – who helped me clear out my verandah promptly
u/ My apartment watchman II – who washed my bike beautifully one day
v/ My friend Uma, who is a doll and great fun to talk to/be with
w/ My friend Mohinish Sinha, who’s a high flier, but so down to earth as a friend
x/ My friend Ravi Kumar, who is – well – simply great.
y/ My colleague Asheesh Jain – who is the most patient and courteous person I have ever met.
z/ Everything – I am thankful for everything!!

I know this is a highly incomplete list – I would go on and thank the fan, the geyser, my laptop, my gas stove, my water purifier, my microwave, my refrigerator, my bike… but that would be a never ending post. I am grateful for everything I have.

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Jidhu Jose September 15, 2010 at 4:37 pm

I know it is not Thanksgiving, but…I like it

Vidya Sury September 15, 2010 at 4:40 pm

😀 thanks – I was inspired to share this with you after I saw your post yesterday 😉


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