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Mother, Should I Run For President?

by Vidya Sury March 3, 2009 0 comment

Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my….

They probably will….but wait. Am I eligible?

  • Parliamentary elections have been announced in India.
  • 25 % of the 714 million strong voting population is below the age of 35.
  • Political aspirants galore among these.

Who is eligible to contest in these elections?

The person must be:

  1. An Indian citizen
  2. 25 years of age or more
  3. A voter from any parliamentary constituency in the country

Who can be disqualified?

According to the PRS Legislative Research the prospective candidate can be disqualified if:

  1. The candidate has been convicted for an offense and sentenced to imprisonment
  2. The candidate has been disqualified by any parliamentary law or for political defection.
  3. A government servant has been dismissed for corruption or for disloyalty to the state.
  4. A person is convicted for promoting enmity between different groups or for bribery
  5. A person has been punished for preaching and practising social crimes like untouchability dowry and sati.
  6. The person is of unsound mind.

Now – what do you think? ( I am eligible)

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