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How To Lose Friends

by Vidya Sury March 30, 2010 0 comment

And before you go assuming that I am going to write a longish piece on how to lose friends, 🙂 this is only a tidbit. It happens all the time…

Think about this:  have you ever managed to convince someone of your viewpoint who was initially diametrically opposed in their views? Yeah, am talking about some of those mule-headed ‘friends’ who refuse to see the light.

If you did, congratulations to you.  Really.

Healthy discussions and arguments can be fun, interesting and stimulating. But they could also be a huge waste of time if neither you nor your friend wants to budge an inch from your respective viewpoints.

Therefore, pick the people you want to argue with – or your stress levels could shoot up. Stick to the issue. NEVER make it personal – because that’s how you lose friends.

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