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by Vidya Sury March 7, 2010 0 comment

Looks like there’s a conspiracy on – I seem to be receiving one too many of those beautiful stories that inspire and also make you smile (because thankfully they are short). I am not complaining. I love reading SHORT stories. Recently I got very impressed with something called ‘55 Fiction‘ after I read a cute little piece on Ginger Chai and had a shot at my very own 55F titled Could this be it? I really love this genre!

So – coming back to our story today – yeah – I have one more about problems and solutions 🙂 and I couldn’t resist posting it. The point is – how you frame your question will determine the answer you get. Frame it badly and your answer could be A. Frame it well and your answer could be B. Big difference. Read on:

A young priest asked his bishop, “May I smoke while praying?” The answer was an emphatic “No!” 

Later, when he sees an older priest puffing on a cigarette while praying, the younger priest scolded him, “You shouldn’t be smoking while praying! I asked the bishop, and he said I couldn’t do it!”

“That’s odd,” the old priest replied. “I asked the bishop if I could pray while I’m smoking, and he told me that it was okay to pray at any time!”

Obviously the way you frame a problem profoundly influences the solutions you get. The same problem, when seen from a different angle can lead to a directly opposite interpretation! Skillfully framing problems is paramount for better problem solving and decision making. Thank you, Litemind, for improving my life.

Pretty good, huh? Apply it.

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