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What A Bummer!

by Vidya Sury March 26, 2010 0 comment

We (at least some of us) were not made to sit all day. Unfortunately quite a few jobs, like mine, now, require it. The bad news is – even for those of us who are pretty fit and get some sort of exercise regularly – sitting around a lot can mean the likelihood of dying sooner. 

So – now what?

Obviously we cannot ditch the jobs we probably love (I love mine!) just to protect our collective butt. But what we could do- is to get up and walk around regularly. Sitting in the same position for hours together is the killer. We need to stretch frequently and watch that posture. If you slouch in front of your computer, I can guarantee that you are looking for trouble. And even though it may not be the ultimate cure for your back, exercise is certainly good for your health.

Get some!

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