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Birds of a feather

by Vidya Sury June 21, 2010 0 comment

Flock together. Yeah, I know. But is that so good?
 It is great to find common ground with others – because it seems truly gratifying. The ‘reward’ area of our brain gets activated when people agree with our opinions.

Lets look at our friends. If their ideas are pretty similar on many issues to ours, naturally we feel attracted to them – at least initially – for this very reason.

The danger sets in when we begin to see our views as the “norm” – because all our friends agree with us. Let us not forget – there is a whole range of opinions out there – and some of them are held by truly delightful people.

Friendship is more than trying to convince someone you are right. So – let us go out and make a new friend, who may not always agree with us. It can be a really refreshing experience!

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