Sounds awfully convenient, doesn’t it? I quite like the idea of sleeping off my extra weight. But this is not my discovery. There are studies to prove that shorter sleep durations can mean higher body mass index – so – to cut a long story short, people who slept for say, just four hours or less, end up eating lots more the following day. And incidentally, tired people eat more. So there!

If you want to lose weight, or even maintain a healthy weight, your aim should be a good night’s sleep every night. In fact, try to sleep at approximately the same time each night. You probably already know that any vigorous exercise before bed time is a no-no. Also, limit your alcohol intake (okay, Mama!) and – no heavy meals just before getting under your cozy covers.

I know what you’re thinking – ha! Easy to say, but what about actually doing it? Okay – so start by trying this at least – say – 5 nights a week. And feel the difference. You know what they say about the pain-gain connection 😀

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