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Ground-breaking Law

by Vidya Sury July 1, 2010 0 comment

I love the French for doing this.

Recently, the French parliament approved a groundbreaking law that makes psychological violence an offence.

Difficult to prove – as you cannot show pictures of psychological scars. But then, hats off to the French legislators. Also not sure how practical it is, considering the logistics of the way it will work

In any case – legislation or not – psychological and emotional battering can be every bit as life-destroying as physical abuse, if not worse. Bitter fighting, name-calling, constant suspicion, and the destruction of any form of healthy self-image can scar anyone for life.

And it is not gender specific – goes for the men as well as the women. 

If this describes your relationship, it is time to get help, or bail out. It is a no-win situation and it especially hurts any children involved. In fact, it gets them started on a path towards repeating the kind of abusive relationship they have witnessed. And that is NOT so good. We don’t need a law to tell us that. So:


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