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Relax – it is not so hard II

by Vidya Sury July 24, 2010 0 comment

Continuing from Relax. It is not so hard.– here are some very easy to follow tips that can take way the tension and stress.

You will need a tennis ball, a sock, some rice – and that’s it!

Using the tennis ball:

  • Rub your bare foot over it, gradually putting more weight on your foot. 
  • Lie on the tennis ball and move your body over it, for a self-massage.
  • Squeeze the tennis ball to beat stress, as you build the strength in your hands

Using the sock and rice

  • Fill the sock with rice and knot it at the end. 
  • Now use this to massage your arms and legs
  • Warm the sock (can use your microwave) if you want to apply some heat

Some must-do tips:
Ladies, if you wear high heels often, your calves probably hurt. When you take off your shoes (ah, the relief!), massage your calves – rubbing in circles from the ankles, up to the back of the knees. Feels good, eh?

That computer screen – damned if you do, and damned if you don’t! Give your eyes a break – rub your palms against each other to generate some heat – then cup your hands over your eyes – feel the warmth – enjoy the relief.

It is always more fun to do these with a partner – as it can be really comforting after a long and tiring day. Just do whatever feels good – no training, no equipment needed.


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