Relax – it is not so hard II

Continuing from Relax. It is not so hard.– here are some very easy to follow tips that can take way the tension and stress.

You will need a tennis ball, a sock, some rice – and that’s it!

Using the tennis ball:

  • Rub your bare foot over it, gradually putting more weight on your foot. 
  • Lie on the tennis ball and move your body over it, for a self-massage.
  • Squeeze the tennis ball to beat stress, as you build the strength in your hands

Using the sock and rice

  • Fill the sock with rice and knot it at the end. 
  • Now use this to massage your arms and legs
  • Warm the sock (can use your microwave) if you want to apply some heat

Some must-do tips:
Ladies, if you wear high heels often, your calves probably hurt. When you take off your shoes (ah, the relief!), massage your calves – rubbing in circles from the ankles, up to the back of the knees. Feels good, eh?

That computer screen – damned if you do, and damned if you don’t! Give your eyes a break – rub your palms against each other to generate some heat – then cup your hands over your eyes – feel the warmth – enjoy the relief.

It is always more fun to do these with a partner – as it can be really comforting after a long and tiring day. Just do whatever feels good – no training, no equipment needed.


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