Are you a party animal?

Did you wake up this morning with a hellish hangover? Okay – here’s some news for you – a new study says that you can blame genetics for this. Your genetic makeup decides the extent to which you are swayed by the amount of alcohol people around you consume. In other words, how much your friends drink (if you are out with friends) or how much the people around you drink influences you.

So – it is not just the pub or club that has you quaffing away, absorbing the stuff like a sponge….it is how much the people around you drink!

Does this describe you? If you want to cut down on your alcohol intake, you need to brace yourself and take a few tough decisions, such as keeping away from the kind of places where a lot of heavy drinking happens.

Or just move your heavy-drinking buddies onto your B-list for some time. Or just build up on the kind of willpower that would put a triathlon athlete to shame.

It is your choice.

Good luck.

The important things in life are never easy.

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