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How is your helmet?

by Vidya Sury August 10, 2010 0 comment

Are you wearing your bike helmet correctly?

A bike helmet only works if you wear it correctly, as I discovered recently, when I had a bike crash. And yes, I was glad my helmet fit perfectly, as it should have.

  • Wear the helmet flat on the top of your head. 
  • Fasten the chin strap just below your chin. 
  • Use the foam sizing pads that came with the helmet to ensure a snug fit. 
  • If the helmet tilts forward or backward, you may need a smaller helmet.
Image courtesy: rearset.blogspot.com
We have a choice with the brand or color – but we don’t have a choice with wearing a helmet if we ride a bike. No helmet, no bike. 
Safety first. It is quite tough to replace a head, you see.
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