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You only need a toothbrush

by Vidya Sury August 11, 2010 0 comment

Some people have the habit of snacking after a good meal. They don’t really want to – but can’t help it. If you are trying to fight doing this, and if you are trying to lose weight as well – you’ve got a real challenge on your hands.

There’s a solution, however – and that includes water! And your toothbrush – and toothpaste.

It is quite natural to want to do something that makes you feel good. But it takes around twenty minutes for your brain to tell your stomach that you’ve had enough – so if you eat rather fast, chances that you’ll keep eating until you realize you are stuffed are pretty good.

Enter the humble toothbrush. What you can do is – brush your teeth right after eating. This minimizes and sometimes prevents post-meal snacking and nibbling. Most of us don’t like toothpaste flavored snacks and eats. Imagine – toothpaste flavored peanuts? potato chips? whatever. Yuck.

But hey, if you enjoy the flavor – then we’ll just have to think of another way.

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