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Do you snack at bedtime?

by Vidya Sury September 17, 2010 0 comment

You need a good night’s rest at the end of the day, and if you enjoy a snack around bed time, it makes sense to pick something that promotes sleep right? Right. So, here are some tips to help you make an informed choice:

Got Milk?
Warm milk is known to be the route to dreamland. This is because dairy foods have tryptophan, which promotes sleep. Poultry, bananas, oats and honey also contain tryptophan. 

Carbohydrate-rich foods complement dairy foods by raising the level of  tryptophan in the blood. So the right carbs would be a bowl of cereal and milk, yogurt and crackers, or bread and cheese.

Find it tough to sleep? Maybe you need a bite to help you zzz. No – no big meals here. A small snack would do. 

Forget fries!
People who often eat high-fat foods not only gain weight, they also experience a disruption of their sleep cycles.

Cut coffee 
Even moderate caffeine can cause sleep disturbances. This doesn’t just mean coffee; it includes other sources of caffeine like chocolate, cola, tea and decaffeinated coffee. To sleep well, avoid caffeine after noon. 

Caffeine can also be present in over the counter and prescription drugs like painkillers, weight loss medication, diuretics and cold medications.  Sometimes these might have more caffeine than a cup of coffee! So take a good look at the drug label – its contents could be the reason for your insomnia. 

Goodbye nightcaps!
Alcohol may help you nod off but it also gets you awake frequently and results in headaches and nightmares. So, for every glass of alcohol you consume, balance it with a glass of water to minimize its effects. 

Spices equal heartburn
A full belly is never the ideal bed mate since it slows down your digestive system. Spicy food can add to the misery by giving you heartburn. If you can’t avoid it, at least try to ensure that you eat at least four hours before bed time. 

Go easy on protein
Skip hard to digest, high-protein snacks before bedtime. Go for that glass of warm milk instead and crackers, if you must. 

It’s 8 pm
It is good to hydrate your body, but taper your fluid intake before bed. Or you will end up getting up often to visit the bathroom. That’s not restful sleep

Say no to nicotine
Nicotine stimulates just like caffeine. So get used to that smoke just before bed time!

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