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Coping with Loss

by Vidya Sury October 28, 2010 0 comment

You’ve likely read a lot written about how to cope with loss.

But not as much has been written about how to help someone else who has just suffered a loss, whether that is the loss of a spouse, parent, friend or the loss of a job. What do we do to help our friends?

  • Be a good listener. Sometimes a person has to talk through her feelings to deal with them.
  • Tell them you are there for them, so they feel less alone. Just being there is sometimes enough.
  • Don’t tell them how to grieve. Even if they are grieving in a way that increases their own suffering, don’t preach t them.
  • Don’t tell the person to “get over it”. He will have to find a way to do that himself.
  • Don’t try to rationalize or solve the problem or tell them to see the silver lining (This is the tough one for me). Instead, try mentioning the silver lining without being pushy. 

Let’s be great friends when our friends need us the most.

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