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Gayatri comments…

by Vidya Sury October 15, 2010 0 comment

..On my post Angry? Not Worth It! of Oct 13, 2010.

Gayatri says:

“I’m a short-fuse, although I’m working very hard on reining it in these days. One thing that greatly helps me is the technique of ‘mind-mapping’, that is outlined in a book by Norman Vincent Peale. I am a person whose anger is mostly fueled by memories of sad or unjust things that have either happened or been purposefully perpetrated against me.

When these thoughts arise and fuel an urge to lash out against the perpetrators, I make a conscious attempt to ‘postpone’ that thought (and the resulting urge) to another date and time. For example, “Hmm, yes, I need to deal with that but not now. Maybe on Wednesday at 7:00 pm, see you then, thought, bye-bye for now!”

And, as outlandish as that sounds, believe it or not, it actually works!! For one thing, there’s that satisfaction that I’m not just ‘letting it go’, but merely postponing dealing with that anger while I stick to more urgent / pressing priorities.

Secondly, (and, more importantly, however), it’s very rare for me to actually keep that date with thought! In fact, more often than not, that thought gets ‘stood up’ on, as I usually just forget to sit down, come 7:00 pm on Wednesday (or whenever), to think about it, and work myself up into a frenzy.

When I first read about this idea, I was very sceptical, but I now swear by it. And the results are as plain as the nose on my face – my stress levels are lower, I feel more in control of my life and I have time to do constructive things with my time.

Whoever said that “anger is just one letter short of danger…” was one wise person indeed. I’ve been in some serious hot-water before due to my out-of-control, trigger-happy, emotions, but letting my anger lead me into danger is happening less and less frequently, these days, (thank God, and, Peale! :)”

 Can you identify with that? What is your reaction to the post?

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