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by Vidya Sury November 17, 2010 0 comment

Men, do you want to be irresistible to women?

A new study finds that men looking to attract the opposite sex may want to add red to their wardrobe. Women perceived men wearing red shirts as more desirable and having a higher social status.

Sigh – If only it were as simple as going out and buying a red shirt. Because in the end handsome is as handsome does. Especially if women are interested in more than a man’s bank balance. Which they should be.

No number of red shirts will cancel out a lack of consideration, or support, or helpfulness on a man’s part. It’s not just about the initial impression people can make – it’s about sustaining good behaviour.

But then a good first impression can’t hurt. Oh go on. Go and buy that red shirt. But not the pants, unless you want to look like Father Christmas.

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