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Little things, big difference

by Vidya Sury November 29, 2010 0 comment

Yes. It is true how the little things add up. I get a regular newsletter that often has wonderful words of wisdom – most importantly – inspiration that is actionable, which is really what matters.

This week, it talked about ‘ethics’ – and how little things add up. Actions that seem insignificant can often create the biggest integrity erosions – and consequently – the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Action point: Observe and assess how you and your team mates…

  • Handle “little white lies.”
  • Treat and talk about coworkers.
  • Write e-mails or use social media.
  • Create billing statements, time sheets, estimates, and expense reports.
  • Make, keep, or avoid commitments.
  • Treat “unimportant” work rules.
  • Set standards for yourself or others.
  • Share credit with others.

 Well, how did things “add up” for you and your people?

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