Upper-Class Low on Emotional Intelligence

Imagine! “upper class” – indeed! As if we didn’t know already, there are studies to prove it!

According to Michael W. Kraus, Ph.D., of the University of California-San Francisco,  a final experiment found that, when people were made to feel that they were in a lower social class than they actually were, they got better at reading emotions. This shows that “it’s not something ingrained in the individual,” Kraus says.

(Thank God!)

“It’s the cultural context leading to these differences.” He says this work helps show that stereotypes about the classes are wrong.

“It’s not that a lower-class person, no matter what, is going to be less intelligent than an upper-class person. It’s all about the social context the person lives in, and the specific challenges the person faces. If you can shift the context even temporarily, social class differences in any number of behaviors can be eliminated.”

Amen to that!

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