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3 tips to deal with change

by Vidya Sury February 7, 2011 0 comment
I’ve been pulling up my socks the last few months thanks to some major restructuring on the work front. And I thought, why not go the whole hog and do some major spring-cleaning around the house – considering that I’d actually have 2-3 days off. Noble fantasy it seemed, considering how long my (too much) to-do list is. It seemed very overwhelming and for a moment, I stopped to think – can I really do this?

Oh, the obvious answer is “yes”. All I had to do was prioritize and plan. This involved some letting go. And some re-restructuring. And finally, my mind and attitude won. Dealing with changes, whether major or minor, is never easy most of the time, but here are three tips that helped me and made a huge difference.

  1. Once you’ve made the decision, quit whining. Believe me, no one wants to listen to you ranting and complaining. When the change you’re planning is inevitable, all the complaining is a waste of energy. Use this energy towards something constructive – such as achieving your goals.  
  2. Think about your past results. Make a list of the benefits you’ll enjoy from making the change – and if you’ve been through something similar in the past – write those down, as well. Review this list once in a while – it can be a great reminder and a motivator to keep you focused.
  3. Keep your energy levels up. Stay positive. Let’s face it – when all is said and done, YOU are your best cheerleader. Play the game, and keep cheering yourself on. 

You’re tuned for success!

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