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My 10-minute pick-me-up

by Vidya Sury February 12, 2011 2 comments
Oh ye who be closest to my blog, it has been rather hectic activity of late with various things related to life (mine – and a few others). I felt I needed a desperate break – some kind of pick me up. Ideally, a hammock on the beach with a view of the gentle waves (low tide), sunshine, shells, swaying palm trees, music, a very long cold drink….you get the picture. I was even ready to settle for a cabin on a mountain, clear air, birdsong, rippling stream, sunshine, fragrance of fresh flowers, books, music…..um.. BUT – since that’s not feasible right now – I realized that the following could do at least half the job of reviving my spirits. Plus, there’s no commute or logistics. And yes, I could definitely factor in ten minutes for meself.
  • Exercise – a brisk walk does it.(sorry, lazybones, but it gets those hormones going. Don’t get jealous, but I walk on the IISc campus. Smirk.)
  • Phone a friend – really. I call my favorite pal and a few good laughs later, always glad I did)
  • Chat with your wittiest contact – if you are phone-shy, this could work
  • Eat something – Yum. Boost your blood sugar levels with a fave sandwich. Ok, don’t binge. I still haven’t thought about tips to lose weight.
  • Read a book – This does it for me every time. A nice crime fiction novel with lots of court scenes reeeally takes my mind off stuff.
  • Snooze – this is my Holy Grail. I always want to but I never get to do it – in spite of the encouragement I get.
  • Take a nice long bath – Yes. The fragrance of your fave body shower, shampoo, moisturizer does a great job to unwind you.

Okay – so life is not always sunshine and a garden. There are days when you just want to go for that six-shooter and get trigger-happy. Or just dig a hole, get into it and cover the top.


Just try at least two of the above. You are welcome to suggest a few of your own!

(Had posted this here, back in November 2008 and find that it still holds good …so here it is again!)

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gayatri February 16, 2011 at 5:10 am

even listening to music does it, right? I read my fav. comic strip 😀 to break the wave.

You have so many blogs, very nice 🙂

Vidya Sury February 16, 2011 at 5:15 am

🙂 Yes…in fact I’ve got several posts on this “mental break”-taking 🙂 Music always does it for me! Thanks for coming by, Gayatri!


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