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Breast Milk Ice-Cream – An organic treat?

by Vidya Sury March 2, 2011 0 comment
Folks, this has got to be the weirdest news item ever. I had a serious WTF moment when I read this in one of the health newsletters I subscribe to. I mean, simply proves that fact is stranger than fiction, right? You decide. But hear the story first. Non-fiction, definitely.

Where’s the party?

The news item said that a specialist ice-cream parlor intends to serve up breast milk ice-cream – and is promoting it as an organic treat. It is called “Baby Gaga” and you can try it at the “Icecreamists” restaurant in London’s Covent Garden.  The founder of Icecreamists, Matt O’Connor is pretty sure that his brilliant concoction  priced at a whopping 14 pounds will be lapped up by the public.

And how does he source the breast milk? From mothers who answered an ad on the online mothers’ forum Mumsnet. 15 women have donated in response to the advt. According to Victoria Hiley, one of the donors, if adults realized how tasty breast milk actually is, then more women would begin to breast feed their infants. She feels that its no big deal using her “natural assets” to make some extra cash. She has tasted the ice cream and thinks its “melt-in-the-mouth”

Want to know the recipe for breast milk ice-cream?
The Baby Gaga recipe blends breast milk + Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest, and these are churned into ice-cream. The ice cream parlor calls it a “radical new flavor”  While some people might react with a “yuck”, O’Connor claims it is actually “pure, organic, free-range and totally natural”. He enjoyed a Baby Gaga that morning and felt great”.

Well, folks, you tell me how you feel about this. Over there, the general reaction is that of a sweet tooth turned sour  – the public is not so happy with this venture.The latest news is that government officials have confiscated the ice cream from the shop after they received a lot of complaints. They are skeptical about buying something made from someone else’s body fluids.

More critically – it is known that viruses such as hepatits hepatitis are transmitted through breast milk. So – there’s a huge safety issue there.

Let’s wait for the results of the investigation. They advise you, in the meantime, not to try this recipe at home.

Now – how did you react to this news? Did you go gaga or yuck? Go ahead, free your mind in the comments section!  

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