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Have you taken your blogging evaluation test yet?

I’ve been a little sick during the last few days and didn’t get around to writing anything.  I usually browse around the blogs I follow on Monday or Tuesday when I kind of plan what/when to post on my blogs.

A couple of weeks back I came across a really nice blog full of useful information – and – blame it on the number of autumns I’ve enjoyed – I was quite thrilled to see it was the work of a 17 year old school guy. Well, as you know, my 13-year old is also quite an avid blogger – and it amazed me to see what a wonderful job he has done.  Hmm.

Evaluation, obviously, is key to any improvement – and you might really enjoy taking the following test:

Blog Self-Evaluation Checklist (courtesy Blog Marketing Academy)

Homepage cleanliness.
No full posts on homepage (excerpt instead)
No repeating social media buttons
Headlines stand out, noticeably larger than
excerpt text. Preferable H1,H2 tags.
No negative social proof.

Is there a real logo which is graphical and
stands out?

Byline which clearly states what the blog is
No cheeky bylines, or vague bylines. There needs to be ZERO doubt what the blog is about to a new arrival, within seconds.

Email list opt-in box.
Is there a bribe?
Above the fold?

Excess garbage in the sidebar.
No monthly archive links, huge blogrolls, huge tagclouds. Just because there’s a widget for it doesn’t mean it is a good idea.
No excess banner ads, affiliate offers.
No lame award graphics.
Need: Opt-in, relevant ads, links to categories/guides.

Post is written to be scannable. Short paragraphs, bulleted lists (where appropriate), subheadlines.
Meaningful image (s) in post, with ALT tags.
Opt-in or other call to action below the post?

Menu is simple, not overloaded with options.
No dropdown sub-menus.
No Dead-end links to “coming soon” pages.

About Page.
Starts with what’s in it for the new reader. Clearly states the benefit of the
blog to the reader.
Bullet point benefits.
Opt-in box.
Bio is relevant, doesn’t read like a boring resume. Bio should be relevant
to the reader, because they don’t really care about YOU



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  • Reply
    March 17, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    hmmm today I am finding great bloggers and you are the second female from india today cool

    Hey Vidya why dont you give your blog a professional site look even I am using blogspot services and I like it and dont have any plans to move my site to wordpress though all my others domains are hosted on wordpress

  • Reply
    Vidya Sury
    March 18, 2011 at 3:18 am

    🙂 I will, when I figure out how.

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