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WordPress Tips. Ignore At Your Own Risk

by Vidya Sury July 15, 2014 7 comments
vidya sury wordpress tips

I was busy today with some long-pending house-cleaning and I must confess I am having a good time discovering things I’d forgotten I had, going through old stuff – which is how I came across my Mom’s diary and posted Desiderata yesterday. Best kind of mini break, wouldn’t you say?

So we’re right in the midst of two Blogging Challenges  – the Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2014 and BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo July 2014 and I must admit that blogging can be a challenge sometimes.

Somehow, Life and Fate get together, conspire and ensure that there’s an avalanche of things to do when we take on more than we can chew. This week, when I looked at my diary, I was laughing at myself, wondering how I imagined I’d do it all. But as one of my ex-bosses was fond of pointing out, I thrive best under pressure, which may or may not be a good thing. For others, I mean.

Whatever, I am happily sailing through it all.

Today, though, I booted up my computer to check email and then after a quick glance at it and a chat with Vanita Cyril to beg her to make the pinnable for my Blogging Betties post today, I logged off, confident she’d make a kick-ass visual for my post. And she did.

And so, as their bi-weekly contributor, my next post is up at the Blogging Betties. This time, I am talking about WordPress tips I learned the hard way through lost posts, linking gone wrong, images misbehaving, post title woes and other stuff you will find useful. Do head over and read.

WordPress Tips. Ignore at your own risk


I’d love it if you’d add your own WordPress tips in the comments!

(Update: The Blogging Betties have shut shop, so here is the post – read the post here)

Here are some wonderful posts I read today:

Cattitude and Gratitude Take One Step Forward – she has the gift of verse and this one is very inspiring.

ObsessiveMom – An experiment in Freedom – she charms with her writing and in this post, talks about how she tried a “freedom” day with her kids

The Giggling Trucker’s Wife Writes: Let it go: A writer’s enema – lots of laughter about tackling that thing called writer’s/blogger’s block!

And I, here is what I have on my to-do list!

wordpress tips vidya sury


wordpress tips vidya sury

What about you?

And did you smile today?

Day 15 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2014 and BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo July 2014

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Sebastian Aiden Daniels July 15, 2014 at 11:20 pm

Taking the time to learn how to use security plugins and plugins to make your site faster. I have found that you can make some mistakes while messing around with this stuff and mess up your site. I once banned my ip address by mistake. Thankfully I understand how it works so I just went into my hosting control panel and fixed it, but for the people who are not technically inclined, you can do a lot of damage to your site. So be careful!
Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted…Review of The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Geeta Nair July 16, 2014 at 12:50 am

Loved the last quote. Yes sometime it is essential we heed our heart and not our head.
Geeta Nair recently posted…Hand that wielded the stick

Tammy Soong July 16, 2014 at 1:01 am

You’re amazing Vidya! I don’t know how you get it all done.
Tammy Soong recently posted…BB 020: Juggling Blogs with Alexa Bigwarfe

Beloo Mehra July 16, 2014 at 8:54 am

You made me laugh at this – “For others, I mean.” 🙂
I agree with Tammy’s comment – you really are amazing the way you get so much done in a day! Hats off to you. And now I am off to checking out some of the posts you mention!
Beloo Mehra recently posted…Blank Pages, No More

Carol Graham July 16, 2014 at 12:23 pm

Thank you for sharing those great posts. I loved your TO DO list. Keep smiling and the world smiles back
Carol Graham recently posted…Sure-fire Way To Handle Discouragement

Obsessivemom July 16, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Thank you for the share Vidya. Pretty much made my day. What a wonderful to-do list you have. Enjoyed reading it. I’m a blogspot blogger so wordpress is alien territory but I was considering starting one on WP. Still wondering if I should simply stick with blogger.
Obsessivemom recently posted…An experiment in freedom

Vidya Sury July 16, 2014 at 1:08 pm

It is a pleasure to share your post, Tulika!

🙂 I was on Blogger until two years ago. I bought my domain name while still on Blogger, though and then made the move to self-hosted WordPress. I feel that it is best to stick with what you are familiar with, unless you are going self-hosted. Blogger and WordPress.com are both free platforms.


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