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Notes: Transition to custom domain

by Vidya Sury June 20, 2011 2 comments

I transitioned this blog to a custom domain and even as I reveled in the joy that followed, I noticed that Google did a pretty cool job of it.

But today, I noticed also, that my blogroll (which I call My e-reading list here in the footer) has gone. Vanished. So, I rushed to the “layouts” to see if all the info was actually there in the gadget – only to find “no links yet” and inviting me to add some. Damn! What do I do now? I wish I had at least taken a screen shot of the list. Okay – so I can retrieve most of them from my email subscription list and the “blogs I follow” list. Still – Phew!.

It also looks like I must go around to all the places where the url http://google-n-i-share-a-birthday.blogspot.com is registered and manually change it to www.vidyasury.com

Okay – so it makes sense. But I didn’t realize the move would knock off page elements. So dear friends, if you too are moving to a custom domain, even if it is via easy Google/Blogger interface, the first step when starting is to remember to go to settings before you make the switch and:

  1. Save everything.
  2. Save the template.
  3. Export your blog to an xml file.
  4. You’ll still have to save all your gadget info, individually because the xml file does not capture those additional page elements.
  5. Take notes about everything you need to do.
  6. Make a list
  7. Browse the help forums – there’s a wealth of info out there. My personal favorite is The Real Blogger Status – Chuck’s notes are concise and to the point about various blogger-related topics

Moving to a custom domain is just like moving house. You gotta tell everyone your new address even if the “postman” has been informed about the address redirect. 🙂 So, boring though the cliche must sound like: look before you leap.

We live, and we learn. Sometimes happily ever after. Maybe it is time for a little housekeeping.

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Farila June 21, 2011 at 3:43 am

I think it is always nice to learn at others expense.. 😉

Vidya Sury June 21, 2011 at 3:48 am

Always nice to learn. Yes.


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