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Remembering MJ, naturally.

by Vidya Sury June 26, 2011 0 comment
It was such a warm feeling when Ranjit sms-ed me to ask if I got “Love” channel on my TV – and to let me know that Oprah was doing a series on Michael Jackson from June 22. Took me back in time to those days when there was no cable TV and our only source of music were audio cassettes,which, incidentally, we had to save up to buy. And then, we’d all desperately share it, listen to it together – and then, if the owner was really generous, even get to borrow it and listen to it on our very own “two-in-one” (radio + cassette player/recorder).
Well, Ranjit had a friend through whom he got the much-coveted music videos – videos!! not just audio! it was like, wow!, back then. I still have a few of those relics. And just over 300 audio cassettes. I digress.
Back to MJ. And of course, back to the past. Ranjit and I had this strange sync when it came to movies and music. I am ever grateful to him for introducing me to some of my favorite actors today.  Along came cable TV and Danny McGill and David Wu and Noni and eventually Sophia and Kamal and the others…And we tremendously enjoyed all that came with it. Rather than sms, we actually called each other up those days and met often. Being in the same city helped. But to think that after 25 years we still share the same rapport and sense of humor – well, it is so reassuring. 
So today, instead of my all-time favorite Man in the Mirror, I am going to embed Keep the Faith – because I woke up with the song playing in my head. It is hard for me to find an MJ favorite because I like almost all  of his songs….and am particularly partial to the a-capella versions. Here we go MJ….Always loved gospel rock and its energy. I like all the songs on the “Dangerous” album
Oh yes, we remember you, Michael Jackson. After all, we are friends, are we not? We all grew up together, did we not?
Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009
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