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A whole new world!

by Vidya Sury June 27, 2011 0 comment
Was writing a blog post for a client about useful tools and plug ins for businesses. Among these – “Rapportive” is quite the cool add on for Gmail. 
Takes a few seconds to install – and link your social networking accounts viz. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail contacts. Restart your browse, and voila! Each time you open an email, the add on pulls in info about the sender – including their contact details, and other social networking profiles (only if you’ve linked your accounts to rapportive). You can “follow” people, add as friends on Facebook, Connect on LinkedIn – right from that email page – and more. And oh yeah, you can add your own notes, too! If you like, you can also inlcude “raplets” to your Gmail. Here is a screenshot of how it looks in your mailbox: focus on the right panel – that’s the Rapportive part.
Check it out. It does open up a whole new world and saves time. I love it – because am usually too lazy or busy to go spend time on Facebook or Twitter, two social networks I enjoy following. I use Hootsuite or Echofon for Twitter and for Facebook, you know you can reply to the email alerts and pretend you are spending all day there.
So it is hip hip hooray for Rapportive today. 
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Try it.
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