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If you use Gmail…

by Vidya Sury July 15, 2011 0 comment
You are going to love this!
Gmail has rolled out the “Inbox preferences” where you can choose what you want to see in your inbox, following its “new look”. During the last week, they’ve been tempting me with “pick your favorite inbox style” on the sign in page and I was excited about it.  Today – I can actually choose an inbox style. According to the Gmailblog,  you can choose from the following:

  • Classic – This is the default inbox style most people are used to. In the Classic inbox, messages are ordered chronologically, with your most recent email at the top.
  • Priority Inbox – Important and unread messages appear at the top of your inbox, then starred messages, then everything else. Each section can be customized further, so you can create your own inbox style.
  • Important first – This style puts important mail at the top of the page (both read and unread messages). Everything else is in its own section at the bottom of your inbox. You may have noticed that we turned on importance arrows for everyone a few weeks ago; this inbox style separates messages with these arrows from those without.
  • Unread first – Simple: unread mail at the top; everything else at the bottom.
  • Starred first – Starred messages at the top; everything else at the bottom.
You’ll see the options just above your email saying “Try on a new inbox”.  Like this: 
This image is from the gmail blog
I have always yearned to see all my unread email on top so it is easier to deal with it. Thing is, I subscribe to loads of newsletters – and earlier, only had the option of selecting read/unread – which doesn’t make it a whole lot easier. I kept wishing I could stack all my unread email on top – and hey ho! my wish has been granted, thank you very much. 
So now I have:  unread mail on the top and under it, everything else. Oh, what fun it is! And it is certainly going to save me a lot of time and help me manage my time better.
What do you think?
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