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Should bloggers get paid to blog?

by Vidya Sury July 16, 2011 0 comment
If you have been blogging for a while – or wondering about this anyway, here’s a wonderful post from the Clever Girls Collective you will enjoy reading:

Five Reasons Why Bloggers Should Get Paid

I particularly enjoyed the post because I’ve been blogging since 2003 (yeah – check the archives – goes all the way back to 2003!) – what was a place online to rave and sometimes rant, evolved over the years, to become a more organized and focused site. When someone recently asked me how much money I made from my blog, I realized I really had no decent answer – Oh, I remembered Google AdSense which I enabled and disabled as I liked. A month ago, when I moved this blog to its custom domain, I had a dilemma – to monetize or not?
And the post I read today was almost like an answer to my er…musings. So – if you too are wondering, or feeling guilty, about wanting to make money from your blog, perhaps you’ll feel better, like I did, when you read that post.

It describes why blogging is pay for work (not play) – and one paragraph I really liked was this one: I quote:

“If a blogger’s work (her review, her sponsored post, her attending an event and Tweeting or Facebooking it) makes a brand money, increases its SEO, and/or raises its visibility, she deserves to be compensated. If the goal of the blogger outreach campaign is any of these things, the blogger deserves to be compensated. Most people wouldn’t think twice about paying a marketing freelancer. Bloggers who consider themselves professionals—and who invest a lot of time and energy in building their communities and creating high-quality content—deserve the same consideration for the hard work they are doing on behalf of brands.”

Go read the whole post at the

Clever Girls Collective!
And tell me what you think!
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