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Did you know?

by Vidya Sury August 5, 2011 2 comments
It is barely 10.30 am, although it feels like half my day is over – what with
  • being up at 5.30 am
  • getting the coffee started (yes, its a ritual. not your usual quickie. I do it every day. If I don’t, I get severe withdrawal symptoms)
  • making and packing lunch for Sury (okra curry and parathas today)
  • sewing on a few assorted buttons (long-pending)
  • sneaking a peek at my email only to find a reminder about a project deadline…… 
  • grabbing a bit of the newspaper headlines with my coffee 

I am strange. I don’t read the newspaper first thing in the morning. I usually rely on Sury for the headlines. In any case, the news is so full of gory stuff or crappy politics, I’d rather begin my day with some real honest housework – as in clearing up kitchen sink. Though why housework is referred to as honest, I don’t know. I mean, is there dishonest stuff, also? I can understand bunking it altogether. No – but that’s not what I am thinking about, right now.

Point is, I did get a few headlines today – and of course, focused on all the ads which I find far more enjoyable than the other junk. Also, when my friend calls, we enjoy a good laugh over all the exciting shopping offers going on, that we don’t really need, but are keen to check out.  If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it is the headline “Did you know”? I absolutely have to read it. And here’s what I learned today, information junkie that I am.

“The shallow champagne glass was specially designed for Marie Antoinette originally.”

Interesting eh? You know – Marie Antoinette of the if-they-don’t-have-bread-let-them-eat-cake fame. What I didn’t immediately realize was my paper was folded at that point, and there was more info. The moment I read champagne, I recalled the one and only occasion in my life that I had it – being a very memorable toast for a major work accomplishment. So touching that was! But coming back from memory lane, let us read on for more “did you know” stuff: It went on to say…

“The first ever glasses were formed from wax molds made of her breasts”

Hmm. Really! Of course, I couldn’t stop laughing after that. Am sure I am going to only think of Marie Antoinette’s breasts when I see a champagne glass. If I ever drink it, am going to choke and sputter. Thanks, Marie!.

Anyway – here are some champagne facts:

  • there are roughly 49 million bubbles in a 750 ml bottle of champagne. (I didn’t count – but that’s the belief and who am I to refute it?) 
  • the pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds per square inch – that’s three times the pressure in an automobile tire. Cool eh?
  • the traditional champagne glass (shape courtesy Ms.M’s breasts) are not the ideal choice for champagne, because the broad surface area dissipates the effervescence too soon. So a flute glass is best, to savor the joy of champagne.

Anyway, Cheers!

Have just the kind of day you want!

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My Inner Chick August 5, 2011 at 3:42 pm

I adore learning something new everyday….even if it is about Marie Antoinette’s breasts. I find that fact fascinating, actually.
She was fascinating. Who can’t love a woman that pounds her heel and says “Let Them Eat Cake”
Thanks for the lesson Xx

Vidya Sury August 6, 2011 at 4:16 am

True, Kim. “Let them eat cake” used to one of our favorite quotes – and we applied it to weird situations that looked irrelevant – although in context it was perfect. The French Revolution is perhaps one of the most interesting 🙂


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