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Google Scribe – Cool blogger trick

by Vidya Sury August 14, 2011 0 comment
There is something very exciting about discovering new Blogger tricks. I subscribe to this cool blog which posts interesting and educational tips. Well, today’s email update talked about Google Scribe in draft Blogger and I simply had to check it out. 

You’ve got to use the new Draft Blogger because that’s where you’ll see the little pencil like icon on the New Post page. Click the pencil icon (to the right of the transliterate and to the left of the paragraph icon). As you type, like I am doing now, it will keep second guessing the words based on the first letter. Right now I find it fun and hilarious. If I get tired of it, I might turn it off. But when your mind is a little occupied with something else, this is nice, because it gives you some good word options.

Check it out.

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