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What beauty means to me

by Vidya Sury August 9, 2011 2 comments
Some time back, there was this blogging contest along the lines of “what beauty means to you” I forget where I saw it – could be Indiblogger, or was it BlogAdda? Well, whatever – I didn’t have to the time to actually get down to writing a post about it, but I do remember thinking, at the time, that it was a thought-provoking topic, and also thought I should write down, on an on-going basis – what beauty means to me.

So here’s what I’ve come up with so far. This is definitely a work in progress and I have my own private list where I add, on a daily basis. For now, it is a random list but more importantly, a growing list

To me, Beauty is a series of life’s priceless moments, such as:

  • when a friend sends a pic with arms spread out, as if to hug, when I feel low
  • when Sury quietly does the things I plan to do when he sees I am busy
  •  when Vidur makes cute faces he thinks I like, to cheer me up, when I seem upset
  •  when Vidur hugs me and is affectionate, without words, and makes me feel instantly better
  •  when my mom would say she’s full so I could get enough to eat
  •  when Mom would use soft clothes clips on vidur’s clothes so they didn’t hurt them
  •  when Mom would use blue clips on vidur’s clothes because he loves blue
  •  when my friend Tanu baked a huge cake on 28th july even though my birthday was in September and then baked a cake in September, also.
  •  when my friend waited in the rain for two hours because she knew I’d turn up
  •  when my childhood friends keep in touch no matter where they are in the world, and talk to me on the phone for two hours
  •  writing Devi – Dove in my shopping list because it was my mother’s favorite brand of soap and shampoo – she wouldn’t budge from it. She passed away last year and I still have the left over little oval piece of her soap
  •  when my mom bought two of everything so I could give one to my best friend, Uma
  •  my mom sitting up even though she was practically falling off her chair so she could give us company while we worked late at night
  •  how my mom woke up early and made coffee so we could have it ready when we woke up
  •  my mom insisting on taking the lift to go down three floors to avoid the hospital attendants having to carry her to the ambulance.
  •  my mom donating her body to a medical college after she passed away
  •  my mom carrying food or clothes every time she went out – to give away
  •  when you read a tip from someone and adopt it as a lifetime habit
  •  when my mom paced the floor waiting, knowing for sure we won’t be back for another hour
  •  my flower lady remembering how my mom loved jasmine flowers
  •  the supermarket attendant remembering 3-4 specific items I always buy at their store and telling me if there’s fresh stock
  • connecting with people across the world in a fun way and smiling when I think of them (yes, that’s you, Kim, if you’re reading this).
  • the faith my colleagues at work have in me.
  • my friends – they all bring beauty in my life, and am blessed with a long list.
I am still writing this list – and will probably continue to, for as long as I live. Because, I’ll feel wonderful when I read it each time. I know it has a lot of “my mom” in it – but I can’t help that, because she is the biggest influence in my life.
What is your idea of beauty?
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My Inner Chick August 9, 2011 at 2:32 pm

your mother is an angel.
What an equisite role-model for you.
What a treasure to have in your life.
You will meet again…Her arms will be stretched out to hold you tightly & fully.
—Lovely post. xx

Vidya Sury August 14, 2011 at 4:35 am

Indeed, Kim. And it makes me feel warm all over. Thank you for the lovely comment. I am glad you touched my life, too.


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