This Sunday In My City, we were out all morning and I grabbed a few photos with my mobile phone camera. Here we go: We started with a visit to the nearby temple. Here’s the deity, resplendent in her finery, thanks to the patient travails of the priest who presides over all the happenings at the sanctum. Did I just write that sentence? Seems like I did 😉


At the entrance of the temple, is a little tableau featuring Shiva and Parvati, their children Ganesha and Karthikeya and others. Heavenly bodies


Then we headed off to do some shopping. En route, there are lots of walls, painted by theme. I don’t know who this sportswoman was meant to be. She has my sympathies though.


We crossed a bridge and I looked down.


Then over at the other side, this sight met my eyes. It always fascinates me. The seller arrives in a little van with all those half mannequins stacked in it. He sets them up on the frame and then hangs up the dress material. They’re decent quality and quite cheap. I’ve never bought any from there. Very pretty sight.

VidyaSurySalwar VidyaSurySalwar2

Ahead, was a hawker selling sliced mango spiced with salt and chili powder


And then the skies burst forth with a quick torrent of rain and we ran to the nearest awning for shelter and waited impatiently for the rain to stop. It didn’t and we set off anyway, since home wasn’t far off and we realized we wouldn’t melt in water!


That’s it for this Sunday In My City, kindly sponsored by UnknownMami 

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  1. Your culture is so rich. Full of colours, art, tastes…
    When in Mumbai I bought a dress from a seller like this – cheap and quality ok.
    Have a good week ahead!

  2. My Inner Chick Reply

    I love love your Sunday’s.

    How much are one of those dresses? I want one.

    And the temples. Oh, MY! Amazing.

    You are amazing. Xxx Happy Sunday, V.

  3. :-)Thanks, @BLOGitse I love how there’s so much to discover all the time! The area I live is the max-shopping district in Bangalore.

  4. All cool pics but I especially love the second one with the deities and the two of the dresses. All those beautiful, colorful dresses together are quiet stunning.


  5. @Traci – Yes, quite mesmerizing, aren’t they? And to think there are so many of those displays around the area. They all do pretty good business. People buy the material, go across to one of the roadside tailors who promise to stitch the material into an outfit in ONE HOUR, go shopping and return in an hour to pick up their ready-to-wear ensemble 🙂

  6. tsonodablog Reply

    LOVE LOVE all the pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. Those dresses are beautiful. I love all the colors. And mango? YUM

  7. @ceodraiocht – thanks, Maggie. That temple is quite massive and built at different levels – with several deities, of which this is one. (our favorite). I loved your masks and the photo gallery

  8. @UnknownMami – 😀 There seems to be some special way in which those guys make the chili powder combo, you know. They prepare it in a long bottle and make a couple of holes in the bottle top and sprinkle it on the fruit. Our city is quite popular for roadside fruit salads. What can I say about the sentence structure? 😀 I am laughing my head off here!

  9. Great pictures. I absolutely love those dresses. I want one. And I love seeing cultural similarities like the Mango and chili. That is one of my favorite things.

  10. 🙂 Traci, tell me which one you want and where to send it. I found your “dead princess” pictures hilarious!

  11. Thanks Terri. 🙂 I’ve been stalking you – and I gotta thank you for tweeting about some wonderful blogs I’ve enjoyed visiting!

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