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How @TataMotors Convinced Me I need #TataZest #ZestUpYourLife

by Vidya Sury July 27, 2014 3 comments

This is a quick first impression and I will be updating this post when I get home tonight

Update: Done!

How @TataMotors Convinced Me I need #TataZest #ZestUpYourLife

So here I am, folks, in a trance and in love with the Tata Zest car.

tata zest

I am in Goa right now, enjoying the hospitality of the kind folks at BlogAdda and Zuri Resorts since yesterday.

We – a set of privileged 50 bloggers – are here as the guests of Tata Motors to experience their beautiful car -the Tata Zest.

As I write this “product review”, sipping my green lemon tea, distracted by the warm buzz of conversation around me, I am going over the event highlights since we arrived here yesterday.

We were treated to a great presentation about the making of the Tata Zest by the design team, their engineers and *drumroll* Narain Kartikeyan, India’s speedguru and racing champion. The presentation was detailed and interspersed with videos to illustrate the car’s concept and features. After all, pictures are worth several thousand words!

vidya sury tata zest

Thanks Hrish Thota!

Highlights of the Tata Zest

Born four years ago the Tata Zest defines cutting edge design and interiors and focuses on the human connection – the car owner’s emotional connection with her car – and a world class customer experience at the dealer point, which is a measure of the car’s true success.

The Tata Zest hits the right spots in terms of design, comfort, smooth driving experience and safety. Pushing performance envelopes, it is a cocoon of premium design, submerged in art. Their philosophy is HorizonNext, which encompasses the following:

DesignNext with a human-centric approach

Built to visually express speed the Tata Zest has undergone rigorous testing involving 400 robots for precision engineering and beats topnotch technology in India. The Revotron 1.2 T turbocharge engine makes for a smooth driving experience with clutch-free driving while combining fuel economy. Visual appeal? yes! Stunning colors and gorgeous interiors.

vidya sury tata zest


250 engineers + three design studios have together crafted the Tata Zest, a pioneer in safety for which Tata is reputed, and with seamless, best in class acceleration and driveability. It has three driving modes: city, sport and eco with an AMT on diesel. By default it is in city mode but readily offers an intelligent burst of speed should you want to do a “Narain Kartikeyan”. The clutch free drive is a dream come true and the active return function extremely efficient! Enhanced braking with cornering stability- very important especially in crazy weather!


I loved this part! Harmon Kardon infotainment center – what more can one ask? I love music in a car and the sound system was simply terrific. Everyone was humming along! The “connectnext” experience is innovative which the ability to sync one’s phone to it. It can read out your SMS and be programmed to send out replies! There’s voice recognition and touch screen too – which means you can talk to the Tata Zest. Incidentally, even the rear passengers can control the music system, which means unlimited fun!

vidya sury tata zest

At rest, in motion

Even though the Tata Zest is a compact car, it is very spacious – and a perfect family car. The instruments panel is fully driver centric with an ease of navigation that must be experienced.

Good looking and ergonomically designed the front of the car exudes power with the signature Tata grille, the power bulge and the unique trapezoidal power dam. The side of the car is athletically sculpted with a strong shoulder line. The rear has wraparound LED taillights – a first in its segment. The LED DRLs are feature firsts. The 15 inch chunky wheels are rugged.

The signature steering is pure Tata innovation.

I loved the engineers and  designers’ participation in the presentation – their passion and excitement was infectious, building up our anticipation to experience their work of art.

Zest-abulous Zest-engineering

The Tata Zest sets many benchmarks for its competitors with a number of segment firsts that its customers will love. I had the pleasure of experiencing all those first-hand via an absolutely scenic drive through Goa’s charming and lush greenery. And what a route it was! Carefully marked with the Tata team dotted across the route with markers so we wouldn’t get lost and two pit stops.

While Hemant drove the diesel version, Neha Kapoor handled the petrol car with ease. The car moved like a dream, navigating the narrow roads comfortably. We barely felt the speedbrakers. Hemant said the active return function worked like a charm!

There is a diesel and petrol version and we got to experience both. The 26 -kilometer test drive was over all too soon.

vidya sury tata zest

To summarize, the Tata Zest is a strong car, a safe car that puts the car owner in total control at all times. Safety first, I repeat with full control even on slippery roads, an antilock braking system, dual SRS airbags and noise-free drive. Automatic climate control keeps you happy even when it is sweltering outside. Stability with speed, featherlight steering, an exceptional ride, all speak of the Tata leadership.

In one word, the Tata Zest is future-protected and all set to be a winner.

I confess I am Zestxcited!

First impression of the Tata Zest? I could be in love. It definitely made me covet it.I can see why they’ve christened it “Zest” – it is energetic, zesty and exciting!

Now excuse me while I go enroll for driving classes!

I feel a great sense of pride as an Indian today, to know that Tata Motors is showcasing its next generation car, the Tata Zest, to the global market and setting new design standards.

This post will be updated with pictures later tonight.

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My Inner Chick July 28, 2014 at 3:59 am

I’m Zestxcited for you.
Love your pretty face!
HAVE FUN! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My Inner Chick recently posted…Encounter With A Mythical God

Shailaja V July 28, 2014 at 11:24 am

Such a beautifully detailed review, Vidya. Aced it, as always! Love the pictures too. What fun we had in Goa. Over all too soon…sigh 🙂
Shailaja V recently posted…Zest it up: The Tata Zest Review by @shyvish

Proactive Indian July 29, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Nicely reviewed! Must check out the Zest whenever I go in for a new car.
Proactive Indian recently posted…Genuine relationships or fairweather relationships?


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