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What if you had a TV button on your mobile?

by Vidya Sury August 11, 2015 4 comments
What if you had a TV button on your mobile? #nexGTv

Have you ever dreamt of a TV button on your mobile? I have frequently fantasized about it, and the possibilities seem practically unlimited.

Here’s the thing. My family loves to watch TV. We have two television sets at home. When my Mom was alive, we had one in her room, so she could watch her favorite programs without having to share time with the rest of us. It was her main source of outside entertainment (not counting our constant chatter) when her health was declining and couldn’t move around. However, we did manage to muscle in and sneak in our own preferences!

Now, even with just the three of us at home, our TV-sharing is often still a dilemma, as our favorite programs air at the same time. Can you imagine two TVs playing different programs simultaneously, even in different rooms? I know!

Sometimes I’ve found myself wishing I could just take off to my terrace and settle comfortably in my cozy spot and watch my favorite shows. I mean, there ought to be an app for that, shouldn’t there?

The good news is, there is! It is a free app and it is called nexGTv

nexGTv vidya sury

With over 24 million downloads and counting, this award-winning app has almost unlimited options and can be enjoyed across multiple devices. I was excited to find that there was a desktop version and tried it out right away. The next thing I did was to navigate to the Google Play store and download the free nexGTv app on my tablet. The app is available for mobile phones to let you enjoy your favorite entertainment on the go.

nexGTv – my experience

I was quite happy about my first quick browse inside the app as it meant that I could now enjoy a huge variety of programs whenever I wanted.

What I did not bargain for is getting a lot more than I wished for. The nexGTv app offers Trending videos, Breaking News, the Latest Movies, Songs, Funny episodes, Comedy Premium and exclusive content too. It turned out to be a one-stop destination for just about anything I might be looking for in entertainment.

I had to smile to myself. I am someone for whom size matters. I’ve resisted doing things on my mobile, but this was the deal breaker.

Here are some screen shots.

The home screen offers a quick view of the entertainment content. There’s a slider on top followed by content types. Swiping the screen shows more options in each type.

 nexGTv app vidya sury

Another view of the home screen, as I scrolled down:

 nexGTv app vidya sury

I explored the TV shows section first. Besides the current shows on TV, I was delighted to see Classic TV shows in various regional languages. Couldn’t wait to check them out!


By the way, top right corner of the screen gives easy access to “exclusive” with the star, the search icon and settings.

Here’s the “videos” section – lots of variety here including #Fame, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Infotainment and Kids Special.

 nexGTv app vidya sury

As the screenshots indicate, there is plenty of free content in the form of live TV, Featured movies, music and breaking news.  I thought I would see the options for watching paid content saw the subscriptions available. The pricing is reasonable.

nexGTv app vidya sury

The settings screen lets me customize various options and this is also from where I recharge my account. It is easy to navigate and manage.

nexGTv app vidya sury

I then explored “Live TV” and it is almost like infinite scrolling – there are so many channels available! I randomly clicked “Nick Jr.” There’s a listing of the programs, making it easy to decide. Or just move on to the next channel in the sidebar.

 nexGTv app vidya sury

Here’s one of my favorite channels – Doordarshan. I still think it has some of the best programs.

 nexGTv app vidya sury

The exclusive content “star” at the top right of the screen brought up exclusive trailers – and a drop down list of French Open Highlights and Best of All, allowing me to filter the content accordingly.

nexGTv app vidya sury

 nexGTv app vidya sury

Best thing is – the pricing is quite reasonable for premium content. For just Rs.4, I can enjoy all day access to programs on the nexGTv app – on the go, and it is conveniently deducted from my mobile phone balance. Yes, you do need to link a mobile phone to receive messages and passkeys from the app. Of course, you’ll need a data plan or connect to Wi Fi to stream content.

What can I say? I am hooked to the TV button on my mobile! I carry my entertainment on the go and catch up on movies, TV shows and videos – when I travel, when I am waiting somewhere or just peacefully at home.

Are you using the nexGTv app?

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Darla M Sands August 13, 2015 at 11:31 pm

I’m not much of a television fanatic, but this is interesting information. Best wishes!
Darla M Sands recently posted…By Popular Demand…

Vidya Sury August 18, 2015 at 10:50 am

Hehe, I am a bit of a TV junkie, Darla. Background noise. Also, love to have a music channel on and sing along!
Vidya Sury recently posted…About Money Matters

Shantala August 14, 2015 at 12:20 am

For me, I have TV on my phone through Youtube, but I can see how this would be a great alternative too. 🙂
Shantala recently posted…Take 2 by Ruchi Singh | Book Review

Vidya Sury August 18, 2015 at 10:51 am

YouTube is a boon, Shantala. I remember feeling sad about some of my audio cassettes going old, only to be totally pepped up to find it all on YouTube, without needing extra equipment to play! Thank you for commenting!
Vidya Sury recently posted…When Technology is Good For Families


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