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The curious case of Mr.Forgetful. Solved by Goldilocks

by Vidya Sury December 22, 2015 0 comment
Goldilocks Forgetful

If I had a rupee for every time my nephew forgot where he kept his (fill in the blanks), I’d be a billionaire. The few weeks he spent with us, he drove us nuts and had us spending most of our time looking for his stuff.

Now don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice kid. Charming.

Even got me this t-shirt when he visited as a kid – which said “If you think I am cute, you should see my aunt” along with a huge pack of marshmallows. I was 28 at the time, and tasted marshmallows for the first time in my life.

Enough said, eh, about how adorable my nephew was.

Grew up to be a smart kid.

Great sense of humor. Academically bright.

Kind to everyone.



forgetful goldilocks

When he went to school, he’d forget to take his school bag, and when he did, forget to bring it back home. On really good days, he just forgot a water bottle or his lunch basket.

He missed school picnics because he forgot to let us know they were going. I still smile to recall that time when his Mom took him to school and was surprised to see it deserted and furious when the security guard informed her that the school had gone on a picnic.

He missed class tests because he forgot to note down the timetable for the exams. Luckily he didn’t flunk, what with being a rather bright child, but for his problem with forgetting things.

My cousin would often laugh and say that he’d have to get a part time job just to make up for these little losses.

The first time he traveled on his own, he forgot to collect his baggage at the airport, which had us running back and forth to trace it and retrieve it.

Need I say that he is always misplacing his watch/his keys/ his wallet/his glasses (yes, he wears a pair)?

So very tiring and stressful – not just for him, but for the rest of us.

We’ve lost count of the number of times he’s gotten into trouble because of forgetting things.

goldilocks forgetful

Of course, he forgets important dates, but he solves that by setting alerts on his smartphone.

We dread that time when he gets his own place….and locks himself out!

With his birthday coming up, we decided it is time to find a solution to his forgetfulness.

What if we got him one of Godrej Security Solutions’ new personal locker where he could keep his daily use valuables?

So we pooled in and got him “Goldilocks” It is funny how this was his favorite fairy tale as a kid. I remember stretching the story to new limits every day to get him to sleep.

We believe that he will benefit from Goldilocks. It is a sleek personal everyday locker – secure, portable and compact. It is the ideal repository to store those daily precious items like keys, watch, ring, credit cards, wallets, glasses, phones, iPod, pen drives  – all those things you can’t live without. It can be locked and carried whenever he travels.

Also, Goldilocks is made of mild steel and comes in two colors – black and grey. It comes loaded with interesting features:

  • It is tamper alert, which means it has a sensor that screams if someone tries to walk off with it or open it.
  • The smart touch panel looks really sleek with illuminated digits which means no groping in the dark.
  • It is laptop lock compatible as it can be locked with a wire lock to a single point.

It seemed like a match made in heaven for my nephew! So maybe initially he’ll have to get into the habit of corralling his “valuables” at a particular spot – but that was the least of our worries. After all, we have always trusted Godrej with our valuables!

Do you have a Mr or Ms Forgetful in your life?

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