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Of Travel, Airport Transfers, and Cabs

by Vidya Sury February 28, 2017 3 comments
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There is something to be said about having an airport transfers cab waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.  And it is so easy to get used to this luxury.

Last night, I was talking to my friend who is visiting India for a couple of weeks. One wedding and a funeral, she said. We both laughed and settled down to a marathon chat.

As the conversation meandered here and there, we naturally enjoyed a brief bout of whining, b*tching, and complaining, knowing full well it would all end in laughter.  So therapeutic to do that with a friend, eh? I think so, anyway.

She was explaining what a nightmare it had been for her to get transportation from the airport to her relative’s house, which is quite far away. Apparently, they had arranged to pick her up; however, it didn’t happen, and finding a cab proved to be quite difficult at that time of night and she blamed herself for booking herself on that flight. Anyway, she did manage to get home, thanks to a couple of good Samaritans.

Travel airport transfers cabs Vidya Sury (1)

We got to talking about our various travel experiences with cabs and airport transfers. What a weird topic, we covered so much now that I think of it; small planes, noisy seat neighbors, etc… Nevertheless, it is a solid part of our lives as we do quite a bit of air travel and we’re conscious about the hassles of not having a pre-booked vehicle to reach us to or from the airport.

And I’d say we’ve had our share of hassles arriving at the airport, and getting all stressed over booking a cab to get home.  In fact, the enthusiasm for arriving sometimes wanes a wee bit, thanks to the taxi-booking struggle. And heaven forbid that you should have an accident on the way, as it happened once with us!

A crazy experience with airport transfers

I remember returning with my son some months ago after a trip. It was 10 pm at night and we were ready to hop into the first taxi available. Unfortunately, the taxi area was deserted because more than three flights arrived at the same time. By the time we actually got into one, it was 11.45 pm. We reached home at almost 1 am. So ridiculous, no?

Anyway, my friend and I reminisced over our favorite experiences.  I have had several, in fact. I am entitled to an airport transfer every three months as a customer of my bank and I try and use it for the late-night trips as much as possible. International flights invariably arrive a couple of hours past midnight and by the time one clears customs and immigration, and all those formalities, all one wants to do is simply sail into a cab and stir only when one reaches home.

A wonderful experience

Travel airport transfers cabs Vidya Sury (1)

Another fabulous experience I had is when I visited Shanghai. I had two connecting flights, and each time I stepped out of the aircraft, I had someone waiting for me with my name on a card, to escort me to the next terminal to get my connecting flight.

When I finally arrived at my destination, I had—hold your breath—a BMW waiting to whisk me to the fabulous hotel where I was going to stay for the next two days. The return trip was just as luxurious, with practically royalty treatment.

It is something I’ll always remember, considering how different it could have been, transiting through two foreign airports that are like mini-cities, plus the language issue. I must say that next to the trip where we met the Dalai Lama, this one is the best I’ve experienced.

My friend said that her best experience, hands down, is  Blacklane, her favorite cab/limo service at home. Since they are present in more than 236 cities worldwide, my friend prefers to use them wherever they travel. The driver personally greets them at the airport and takes care of their baggage, while they calmly stroll to their waiting pre-booked airport transfer. The driver has their destination and efficiently takes them there, while my friends relax, VIP style, and enjoy the view out of the window.

Travel airport transfers cabs Vidya Sury (1)

She especially recalled their recent airport transfer where she accompanied her husband on a bleisure trip. (Yes, that’s a real word where you combine leisure with your business trip).

Since airport transfers are not the only thing Blacklane offers, she went on to say that they had a wonderful experience using them again to tour the city, confident that they could rely on professionally trained, courteous drivers.

Naturally, our conversation then segued to the details of her trip to Colorado Springs, and ended, as usual, with her extracting a promise from me to visit her this year. I know I would love to. Even though we talk at least once a week, nothing can compare to meeting, hugging, and talking face-to-face.

And oh! Let me hasten to say . . .

With all the travel, it is better to be prepared

We’ve all had our share of close calls on the road as I mentioned earlier in this post. Whether it’s somebody cutting us off in traffic or a patch of ice that caught us by surprise, there always seems to be a new hazard around every corner. And while we can’t always avoid these dangers, having a good car accident lawyer on-call can help mitigate the damages.

A good car accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve. They will also be able to handle any potential legal issues that may arise from the accident. So if you’re ever in an accident, don’t hesitate to call a good car crash lawyer immediately. It could make all the difference in getting your life back on track.

Do you have a favorite cab service that makes you heave a sigh of relief when you travel?

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Birgit February 28, 2017 at 8:36 pm

I always use the limo service which picks us up at our door and brings us straight to the airport. At times, there have been family who have helped which is very sweet but that limo service is the go to place for transportation. When we travel and arrive at our destination, we use a cab because it is just handy when one has luggage..you just have to make sure they are not going to take you for. Ride money wise:)

Darla M Sands March 1, 2017 at 8:44 am

In the USA I’m accustomed to having my vehicle stored in long term parking when I fly. But connections can be a problem due to unexpected delays. I once ran through a most ridiculously elongated airport to make my flight home. Even with friends in Chicago, Illinois USA who would have given me free transport, room, and board I wanted nothing more than to reach my partner and cats.

Tareen2338 November 14, 2018 at 11:13 pm

we travel and arrive at our destination, we use a cab because it is just handy when one has luggage


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