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Life Sahi Hai 2 #ZEE5Originals #LifeSahiHaiOnZEE5

by Vidya Sury May 30, 2018 5 comments
Life Sahi Hai 2 #ZEE5Originals #LifeSahiHaiOnZEE5 #ZEE5 @zee5india

Decades ago, we lived in an eclectic neighborhood. We had nice neighbors. There was this family with four kids (and growing) that was a delight to hang out with; this elderly couple with an empty nest who was sweet to everyone; a noisy family with grown up kids who provided entertainment…and of course, “The Bachelors”. I put them in quotes because, obviously, they were the talk of the colony.

There were three guys who lived in one of the 2BHKs in the building opposite ours, with a floating population, because naturally visiting friends stayed over. Let’s call them A, B and C. A was rather reserved, had a steady girlfriend and a motorbike and was very possessive about both. B was a good cook, sang well and was easygoing. And C, mmm. C was fun. You can tell I peeked into memory lane, can’t you? A and B had jobs while C was a student. So many conversations about music!

So these guys and I got friendly, probably because we all spoke Tamil in a Telugu-speaking city. Funny how that is a bonding factor. Also, they were nice guys. They adored my Mom who was a great cook and very, very hospitable. Ha, ha. We went out together as a “gang” quite often, watched movies…and as was customary those days, they were ready to help in an emergency that could be anything from a packet of washing soap to finding my whereabouts when I was late returning home. Mom was a loving sounding board for their perceived problems and we had fun. The three were so different from one another, yet had great chemistry.

I still remember how I had made it my life’s mission to take off for a ride with A’s motorbike because he was so mule-headed about not letting anyone use it. I ended up accomplishing it far sooner than I had imagined when he broke his leg. He’d hide the keys under his pillow. One day, when I took him dinner–I sneaked the keys out. Around 10 that night, I had the most joyful spin on it. Grabbed my BFF from across the road and we made off with it. Ah! So memorable. Never mind A’s reaction when I returned after an hour.

So anyway, coming to the point of this rambling…

I watched Zee’s original show on ZEE5 titled Life Sahi Hai 2 recently. The plot reminded me of my old neighbors who pretty much went by the mantra: Life Sahi Hai.

It is nice to see that Zee is focusing on language based content with their “Apni bhasha mein feel hai”, by targeting youth, thus breaking the traditional approach they’re popular for.

Life Sahi Hai 2 #ZEE5Originals #LifeSahiHaiOnZEE5 #ZEE5 @zee5india

Life Sahi Hai is a popular comedy series on Zee5 which follows the adventures and misadventures of four young men who have just shifted to Delhi to live independently but struggle with horrible bosses, girlfriends and neighbors. They soon realize that freedom doesn’t come easy but with each other’s company and support, they believe in ‘Life Sahi Hai!’

Season 2 starts off with Amit and Jasjit receiving an eviction notice because of their shenanigans–drinking, bringing girls and all that. They find a new room mate, Vaibhav who appears to be the goody-goody type but turns out to be as crazy as they are. They get into trouble as usual but breeze through with their “Life Sahi Hai” motto.

Here’s a quick synopsis of this series which released on 14 Feb 2018

Amit and Jasjit face eviction from their building and are in a hurry to find a perfect replacement for their former roommates, Siddharth and Sahil. They meet a few and finally decide on Vaibhav, who seems to be simple and sober, just what the boys were looking for. Vaibhav settles in and manages to convince the “building authorities” that they’ll behave themselves.

What follows for the rest of the series is playful banter through various situations with plenty of profanity–yeah, so not suitable viewing for children.

Jasjit receives news of the death of a close family member and visits his Mom with Vaibhav accompanying him. There, he meets his childhood rival Amandeep, while Vaibhav, who has been struggling to write a slogan for an insurance ad, is inspired by an idea. In the meantime, Amit meets his college friend Vicky who is miserable over his breakup. Amandeep comes back to Delhi with Jasjit and they all get thoroughly wasted at a bar.

Come cricket season and the boys want to bunk work and watch the matches but Amit’s girlfriend wants to go shopping. Jasjit switches to a healthy lifestyle and Vaibhav has been set up on his first date.

One day Jasjit bumps into an ex-girlfriend and bluffs to her that he’s running a startup. Things don’t go his way when she fixes up a meeting with her investor husband and now Jasjit is in a fix.

Amit decides to propose to his girlfriend and Vaibhav is asked to take care of a child who drives him nuts. Things turn worse when the police turn up at the door.

Will Amit marry his girlfriend?

Will Jasjit get out of the soup he’s prepared for himself?

WIll Vaibhav ever go on a date?

What happens when the police visit?

To know the answers, go download the ZEE5 app and watch the show.

Catch the trailer here

Sometimes it is fun to watch realistic shows that are easy to imagine in true life.

But fair warning: as I said, plenty of profanity. Not suitable for children.

Have you watched Life Sahi Hai 2?

What did you think?

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Ryan Biddulph May 31, 2018 at 1:20 am

Sounds like a neat show Vidya. I dig Indian TV shows. After being really sick in Kovalam I literally sat in front of the TV for 3 weeks. No work, nothing outside. I became addicted to Coffee with Karan LOL.

Ramya Abhinand May 31, 2018 at 8:37 am

Ah thats interesting. I would like to know A’s reaction on you taking his bike for a spin :))) The series seems to be a light watch in comparison to the make up heavy soaps that are otherwise floating around.

Anamika Agnihotri May 31, 2018 at 11:15 am

This is a kind of programme appealing to youth and surely it is not for me for many reasons – I don’t watch TV; I am not into serial watching and profanity does not entertain me. I guess TV viewing is now left only for aged people like my in-laws. They are the only ones I know who sit glued to TV watching serials. Rest of the world watches everything on apps on their smartphones.

Nabanita Dhar May 31, 2018 at 11:23 am

I just don’t get the chance to watch TV except during dinner.
Maybe I’ll check it out if possible.

Soumya May 31, 2018 at 8:05 pm

This does sound interesting. Maybe I will watch it. Now, to find the time for it 🙂


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