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5 More Proven Mental Health Tips To Enhance Your Mental Well-Being

by Vidya Sury January 18, 2023 1 comment
Mental health tips to improve your mental well-being

While the following mental health tips may seem obvious, sometimes we just need a reminder and a gentle nudge to take action.

Life naturally ebbs and flows through good and challenging times, but sometimes the trying times negatively impact your mental health. Moving past problems can become tricky when this happens, causing a downward slide.

Recognizing your mental health isn’t in the best place and taking action to improve it will put you in a better position to overcome obstacles. Making improvements doesn’t necessarily involve complicated intervention, especially with a host of self-care ideas and mental health tips suitable for boosting mental well-being.

mental health tips to boost mental well-being

Here are 5 mental health tips to boost mental well-being

Mental health tip #1 Get Creative

Taking up a creative hobby is surprisingly effective for those who suffer from low mental health, helping them to overcome their issues. A creative outlet allows you to focus on something outside your usual concerns providing a mental break.

It can also allow you to work through them by steering your attention toward your hobby in a safe manner. Talking therapy requires verbalizing things; art is the physical equivalent of talking things through.

Mental health tip #2 Understand Your Personality

Not feeling like you interact with others ‘normally’ can lead to feeling down and depressed. Figuring out your personality type is helpful here, as it will help you understand why you think that way. Once you have that understanding, it’s easier to look for complementary personality types that will improve your social life.

For example, ISTP compatibility is best with others who appreciate doing things in small groups. Removing themselves from regular large gatherings and concentrating on these relationships relieves social anxiety.

Mental health tips to improve your mental well-being

Mental health tip #3 Exercise More

When you’re feeling low or stressed, exercising is often the last thing you feel like doing, preferring to hibernate indoors. However, getting yourself moving has a raft of benefits that make you feel better, including improved physical health, increased happy hormones, and increased self-confidence.

Taking yourself out of your current environment allows you to switch your focus to something new, reducing stress and calming a racing mind. As such, a short walk outside daily is as helpful as a vigorous workout to reduce stress levels.

Mental health tip #4 Reconnect with Nature

For most of our existence, humans haven’t lived in towns and cities, and connecting with nature makes us feel fantastic. When possible, make regular time to reconnect with the natural world by walking in the countryside or sitting under a tree in the local park.

Activities like gardening are proven to improve mental health. Even bringing a house plant into your home is known to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Mental health tips to improve your mental well-being

Mental health tip #5 Try Mindfulness Exercises

Focusing on the present moment with simple mindfulness exercises can help reduce or interrupt negative thoughts, worry and anxiety. Try deep breathing to calm yourself. Here is a simple grounding exercise called the 54321 technique you can practice:

  • What are 5 things you see around you?
  • What are 4 things you can touch?
  • What are 3 things you can hear?
  • What are 2 things you can smell?
  • What is 1 thing you can taste?

More short meditations are here.

Mental health tip #6 Seek Help

Self-care is vital to improving and maintaining mental health at a healthy level, but it’s also essential to recognize that sometimes this isn’t enough. If you are in a sustained period of poor mental health, you must see your PCP for additional support. They’ll discuss the various options for treatment available suitable for you, all of which will allow you to return to a headspace where self-care works again. And most importantly, remember, asking for help is brave, not a sign of weakness.

It’s normal for everyone’s mental health to have highs and lows; however, if you find yourself in an ongoing low, making some simple changes can help lift your mood. And if things are really bad, always call your doctor for additional help.

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