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Collecting Smiles From Zoomin

by Vidya Sury December 27, 2023 0 comment
Collecting Smiles with Zoomin Tote bag vidya sury

I have been a fan of Zoomin for years. In fact, my first order with them was back in November 2011. That’s right! I had ordered a flipbook. And since then I’ve enjoyed placing many more orders.

Today, Zoomin has grown into a favorite space for people to create and order custom photo books, framed prints, calendars, a range of products for kids (lunch boxes, water bottles, pouches, and much more), a range of gifts, card stock prints, photo prints, bags and pouches, stationery, display products such as decorative clips, fun washi tapes, magnetic ropes, and much more. Oh, they have chocolates too!

Last month, when my son was home for a break, I ordered a dozen card stock prints of the photos we had clicked during a recent family trip. After he left, it suddenly struck me that December is coming, which meant New Year was not far behind. Why not create a desktop calendar that we can see, admire, and enjoy the whole year?

Creating my Zoomin order

So I logged into my zoomin.com account and uploaded photos. It took be barely 10 minutes to create the calendar. Once done, I placed my order. Then I started browsing again. I remembered the card stock prints I had ordered and decided to get some decorative clips to put them up. I added that to my cart.

Then remembered the catchall pouch, tote bag and drawstring bag I had seen. Made with beautiful cream-colored canvas, there were several designs to choose from. I picked the ones I liked, customized them with my message and added them to my cart too!

Feeling rather accomplished, I finished the easy order process.

Now, to wait for delivery. I could hardly wait!

Soon enough, my order was delivered and I was excited about opening my package.

Collecting smiles from Zoomin

Everything I ordered came beautifully packed. I just love the designs on their boxes and obviously going to keep them. They make me smile whenever I see them!

Here is what I received:

Catchall pouch

Collecting smiles from Zoomin

This was a good-sized pouch that can easily take all the odds and ends in my handbag and keep it organized AND look great. See my name? Yay!

Drawstring bag

Collecting smiles from Zoomin

Cute canvas bag with my name!

Wooden Decorative clips

Collecting smiles from Zoomin

I will be using these to put up the cardstock prints I had ordered earlier

Tote bag

Collecting Smiles with Zoomin Tote bag vidya sury

I picked the message with my favorite beverage and simply added my tagline to it. Tell me, did you smile today?

And of course, the star of the whole order – my desktop calendar which is already on its way to my son.

Collecting smiles from Zoomin

I love the variety that Zoomin has in terms of their customized Calendars – different sizes of desktop calendars, wall-mount calendars and also poster-style calendars.

Zoomin is a great site to create affordable mementos that you can enjoy and keep for a long time. What a great way to memorialize good times!

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