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why forgiveness heals
Inspiring quotes Personal development

Why Forgiveness Heals

To err is human. In the process, people get hurt. If only one could turn the clock back and undo what happened. But there is a way. Forgiveness Everyone makes mistakes. We hurt others. Others hurt us.  Luckily, we…

inspiring quotes for success vidya sury
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes for Success

It is time for a dose of inspiring quotes again! This time, I am motivating myself with success quotes. Since the past two weeks, I’ve had more than I can handle on my plate, both at work and offline,…

inspiring quotes on reading books vidya sury
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes on Reading Books

I love books. I am obsessed with reading. I hope that until my last breath, I am busy trying to finish at least three books. Yes – I read at least three at a time. Gives me such a…

inspiring quotes for a happier life
Inspiring quotes

Inspiring Quotes For a Happier Life

Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on the year gone by and the coming year. It is a time for aspirations and the desire to live better and love better. Some of us make resolutions (I know I do)…some of…