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Because sometimes you have to bring your own sunshine

Always bring your own sunshine Vidya Sury

Ah, internet woes again. You know sometimes, when it rains, it pours in torrents? Oh, and it has also been raining a bit even as the temperature has been soaring. Then my computer crashed. My laptop broke. Yes broke. As weird as that sounds, it works. Sort of. Each time I open it, I have to crunch the split base and it sort of boots. Then my internet service provider sent me the dreaded “usage exceeded” alert. Also? Super warm…

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Kindness is a language Vidya Sury
Mindful Living

Kindness is a language

What I’m really trying to say is… kindness is a language Life is too short to focus on the negatives or hold grudges. It is better to look at the good things and let go of anything that pulls…

Turning Troubles into Triumphs Vidya Sury
Personal development

Turning Troubles into Triumphs

There’s not a day I am not thankful that I didn’t find the job I wanted, the one was trained for and loved and was skilled at – sixteen years ago. But wait – that’s such a vague statement.…

If you were a fairy tale creature, what would you be? Vidya Sury


Around the time my son was three years old, a funny thing happened. Okay, funny things happen all the time in our house because we thrive on laughter (and coffee) but this one came to mind when I saw this…