Ah, internet woes again. You know sometimes, when it rains, it pours in torrents?

Oh, and it has also been raining a bit even as the temperature has been soaring.

Then my computer crashed.

My laptop broke. Yes broke. As weird as that sounds, it works. Sort of. Each time I open it, I have to crunch the split base and it sort of boots.

Then my internet service provider sent me the dreaded “usage exceeded” alert. Also? Super warm sweaty weather and frequent power cuts.

I freaked out. For about six minutes.

Then I shook off that feeling of frustration.

I thought…so there’s no internet. Heaven knows I have loads to do.

So what?

Maybe this was a blessing in disguise, to give me pause and tell me – hey, go put on that cape and work your magic.

Story of my life, really. I don’t believe in worrying – too much, anyway. I like to look at the silver linings, the positive side of things and of course, the funny side. That’s very important. I like to bring my own sunshine too, no matter what the weather, yeah!

No matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!

So I feel like Superwoman when…

When I get my usually lazy self out to the post office, trekking in the hot sun through the market and stand in queue to send off a parcel to my son who’s in college.

When, years ago, I succeeded in getting my super active son to sleep.

When I just get through the day, sometimes.

When I smile even though I am sad inside because I believe that I feel less sad when I smile.

When I stay off Facebook and those other social media hubs and don’t regret it.

When I turn my laptop off and go about my day, offline and happy.

When I send a surprise gift and see the reaction.

When I stand in the rain for two hours, pretty sure my friend will turn up. And she does.

When I wake up at 5.27 every morning, get the coffee going and finish cooking and packing lunch before 8 am. Why, drinking coffee alone makes me feel like superwoman!

When I make a child smile or laugh happily.

When I rummage through my old letters and find a greeting card from my Mom appreciating me for something.

When I learn that a child I’ve been sponsoring for some years has now graduated.

When I decide to spring clean and get the duster and broom out in determination and tell my dust mites I can’t play with them today. Wait, broom? That would make me a witch right? Okay, she’s superwoman too.

When I complete a project quicker than I expected.

When I fix a plumbing issue/electrical problem without calling the technician – same goes for computer issues.

When I have just the right answer to a tricky question from a child and that includes my son at every stage.

When I check off more than 50% of my to-do list. The bliss!

When I see that my laundry basket is empty..AND the clothes have all been put away, neatly folded.

When a client tells me that no one can do it like me.

When my son tells his friends that his Mom never pulls him up in public.

When I think of my circle of friends, friends who’ve been around for more than four decades now.

Most of all, I feel like superwoman because I am surviving with my son away in college. And without my Mom.

And when my son tells me I am the best Mom in the world. Tough to top that!

Now where’s my cape?

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post. Our prompt this week is to finish the sentence “I felt like Superwoman when…” I am thrilled to be cohosting with host Kristi of Finding Ninee. Do join us with your own amazing post and link up!

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  1. I’m so glad you’re co-hosting with me this week. I love this sentence and very much love the way you finished it. It really is true that we need to bring our own sunshine and you definitely have a great outlook on life. Your son telling you that you’re the best mom in the world? Superwoman! Same with the laundry put away and everything else. I hope your computer holds up for you!

  2. Vidya, I love this post and I love your attitude!

    So sorry to hear your computer is misbehaving. I know only too well what that’s like.

    As far as the hot weather, would you do me a favor and send a degree or 20 over this way? Sure would appreciate it. 🙂
    Felicia recently posted…Not My Intention for NJFM

  3. Vidya, you came with a great prompt and after reading this…you are most definitely superwoman!

  4. There’s a ferocious storm outside. My daughter is unwell. My son is not coming home from university this weekend. My husband is interstate for work. One row of keys on my computer keyboard has decided to go on strike. The cat vomited on the hallway rug. My mobile phone has died. And last night I undid all the week’s healthy eating by indulging in fatty snacks and chocolate while I watched a chick flick… Alone…
    Unsuper and Unsunny Woman signing off.xx

  5. It really is true that we need to bring and be our own sunshine – nobody’s going to do it for you, as my Grandfather would say about so many things. Many days those super powers definitely come from the smallest of victories. I love your post, Vidya! And yes, I smiled today. HUGE!
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted…Sometimes I Feel Like Wonder Woman

  6. Your attitude and outlook are just brilliant – no wonder you’re so good at bringing your own sunshine. I love how many things make you feel achieve-y and successful. That’s awesome.

  7. Loved this! I loved the descriptions of the moments in your life. The little (and not-so-little) triumphs. We really have to give ourselves permission to notice them about ourselves.

  8. I loved this, too! It was a great way to check in with you and catch up a bit. You are the epitome of Superwoman! The Superwoman of Smiles and Sunshine! I can see you now with neon letters SSS across the front of your sari!

  9. You are the superwoman with the cutest of smiles, Vidya… These days I too feel loke one when I’m able to put M to sleep. Oh and I tried to put her to sleep just like the video you shared once with me on Fb, but this naughty girl seemed to enjoy it and get more hyper…! It was still fun though, seeing her play.. Thanks for that superwoman 🙂 hugs
    Nabanita recently posted…#MondayMusings – I Have Lost The Will To Clean!

  10. You show what we often underestimate which is ourselves. You always show me the brighter side when I need it most. Thank you for doing that. I think I am superwoman for workin every day despite the constant pain I have in every joint. I can laugh every day often inspired by my hubby, my fur babies or the movies I watch. I love to see humour in most things because laughter brings lines on my face that I love. Have a beautiful week and thank you for making me smile.

  11. Your cape must be of many splendid colors! Thanks for the beautiful images of a soaring woman, doing only what a soaring woman can.

  12. Your cape should be rainbow colors 🙂
    You are superwoman and yes – on some days, one needs to bring their own sunshine 🙂

  13. Fully with you on this Vidya. By the way, I feel virtuous when I file away all the papers I dump in a drawer or tackle house cleaning now and then:)

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