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Too busy learning. No Time To Grow Old

by Vidya Sury January 29, 2016 8 comments
Learning to grow. Vidya Sury

Learning is a lifelong event.

But there are pockets of time when some lessons arrive when we need them most, regardless of whether we subscribed to them or not.

Ms. Life is cool that way. She kind of looks out for us. (of course it is a she! Who else could be so patient + awesome rolled into one?)

My biggest, and perhaps most valuable lesson has been to…

Focus on self-care and health

Of course living with diabetes helps, as it automatically makes it mandatory to focus on heath via diet, exercise and constant blood sugar monitoring. Sometimes I am guilty off slacking off. I wonder why, when we are so conscious and enthusiastic initially, we tend to fizzle off over time. That may not be such a bad thing except with diabetes, there is really no compromise. We reap what we sow… or just weep!

While I have not exactly wept I have come pretty close to it. I have found excuses, justifying why I did not do certain things. But that is just like painting a wet wall, as my Grandma would smilingly say.

And so, once again I am re- learning to pledge to focus on heath and self-care.

Do the things I want to do without waiting for some day.

I don’t know what it is with me sometimes – but I keep thinking that when l’m 40 or 50, depending on my state of mind at the time, I will get a really short haircut. Then I realize that I am actually 52 and that makes me laugh. Hard. And I still haven’t got my haircut unless one counts the hurried snipping off of 3-4 inches from the ponytail when I am stressed. I know, dangerous. Nevertheless, it feels good. So haircut aside, I have made a wishlist I am going to tackle steadily.

Listen to lessons from a 3-year old

In the first week of January, I spent three days with a 3 year old. We were quite inseperable. In the course of our “conversations” she strongly felt I should cut my hair really short, just like hers. She also gave me other useful and easy to follow beauty tips. Guess what? I am actually following them.

What I am actually saying is, I am learning not to wait for an auspicious moment to do things. I’m trying to be like my 3 yo friend with whom, to think is to act. The minute she has an idea, she wants to see it happen. Pronto.  But because I am an adult, I know I must think before I act.  At least sometimes.

I’m also learning that…

Things that stressed me out earlier, no longer do.

This one’s major. Things that used to matter a great deal no longer do. Which is a good thing, since it means my priorities are shifting. I’m learning to focus on the things that bring happiness and not waste time on what is unlikely to matter in the long run. Ask my dust mites!

I have also learned to scale down on buying stuff – be it for my kitchen, myself or home in general. Learning to focus on needs, not wants, with material things. Oh that does not apply to books, but I compromised by sticking to only digital versions as much as possible. No dusting required!

I must manage time better

Time management used to be one of my strong points but I went slightly haywire last year taking on more than I could handle at times.  I didn’t really plan well, what with a lot of unexpected travel, but I did remember to enjoy every moment no matter what I was doing even if it wasn’t always planned, which really made it rather delicious. Still, I should get rid of those time-sucks that are no good to anybody!

Dreams come true

Okay, with a Mom like mine, I’d be crazy not to believe that. But experiencing it for real in a big way is something else. I wished I could meet the Dalai Lama and I did. Glorious moment. I prayed that my son should get into a good college and he did. That my eyes fill up often, thinking of him is a different story.

Other random things I learned, or allowed life to remind me about were:

  • I can write with my finger. Seriously. This post is proof.
  • My Mom was mostly right. The difference is, earlier I used to argue futilely, now I realize she actually was right and I feel very happy about it
  • I am strong. I’d better not doubt it.
  • I must be careful when I am refilling the containers for mustard seeds, black sesame and cumin seeds. I often mix them up. On the flip side, I know an easy way to separate them.
  • A Q tip can only be inserted so far into the ear. Farther results in bleeding. I found out the hard way. Still recovering!
  • I am terrified of the “snooze” button. I wish there was a way to remove it. Of course, I could simply get up.
  • Some things (and people) that are seemingly impossible and unbelievable are actually possible and believable.
  • People freak out when they discover I am not wearing my mangalsutra (this is like a wedding band, except it is a chain around the neck). They think I am courageous or bold, not to wear it. They don’t know it is pure laziness.
  • I must not run when the doorbell rings. I almost always trip over something. Not fun.
  • I must not read from my iPad when I go to bed. The thud on my face when I drift off hurts more than the thud of a book. Also, books don’t break. Enough said.
  • Almost everything has a funny side. When we see it, things are easier to handle. Wish I could say the same for people!
  • I am free to change whatever I want, I don’t need anyone’s permission
  • I don’t want to hold on to things. Letting go can be fun.
  • It is okay to not want to think sometimes.
  • I do not obsess over housework. Or laundry. Or washing up. It is quite alright to slack off occasionally.
  • And of course, as always, connect with friends as often as possible. Life can sometimes be too short to postpone the important stuff

Yes, Life is a strict teacher. And she’s reaaaally good at her job.

There’s no time to grow old. Just grow.

no time to grow old

If you are still reading, thank you!.

So what did you learn last year, or wish you had learned?

P.S.: The January 2016 Gratitude Circle bloghop went live yesterday. Linky’s open till Feb 11, 2016. Do join in with your posts and link up!


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Monica January 29, 2016 at 6:16 pm

Vidya, I couldn’t agree more. Lessons do arrive when you need them the most and often when you least want them. 2015 has been a long timetable of such lessons for me, personally and professionally. the two biggies that I have taken away are: 1. Do less (than you think you can/should/must. Chances are you are already working to full capacity.)
2. Health before all else.
It’s been a year of tough lessons and I don’t think I’ll go back to my old ways. 🙂 Life’s a really strict but effective teacher! 🙂
PS: You always put these things across so beautifully, I can’t help but smile and nod along as I read your posts.

Shantala January 29, 2016 at 11:49 pm

This last year has been one of self expression and personal growth. This time last year, I started my blog (actually tomorrow is the first anniversary of the blog :P) It has been so very rewarding.

However, the one area that I continue to neglect is personal health. It is always on my mind, but does not reflect in my actions. Sigh.

Psst..I dislike the snooze button too, but without it, I would be lost. I have never woken up at the first alarm. Never.
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Kerry January 30, 2016 at 1:10 am

Life is a she.
Good going. Like that thought.
Thanks for the mention in this week’s FTSF and great lessons learned.Yay for dust mites. I have my share, but some things like books and loved ones and sanity are more important.

Rachna January 30, 2016 at 10:13 am

The last year made me take on a regular work assignment. The nature of the work made me learn leaps and bounds and also taught me how to manage my time better and be more organized. Hope 2016 will make me get into unknown territories and will have loads of fun-filled activities too.
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Seeya January 30, 2016 at 9:39 pm

I liked wat u said about the child. Once an idea strikes a child, it doesn’t wait for something to start. It starts immediately to work on it. A piece of wisdom for me today.
Also yes, it is well accepted fact that life is a good teacher.

Birgit January 31, 2016 at 12:17 am

I heave learned how “meh” last year was and I don’t want a repeat. The good news is that…there really wasn’t any bad news:) There is a commercial I see often. It is a man, with a long hair and beard sitting at an outdoor bar somewhere on a tropical beach. He speaks how he traveled the world in search for this “paradise” and he found it. He then asks the woman beside him what journey led her to this paradise and she sais she just grabbed her Iphone or Ipad or whatever and went to kayak to find it. When he asks her how long it took her, she replied “2 minutes”. With that, his mouth drops open and he lets out a gasp. Of course it is an ad for how fast she found it but, if I was there sitting with them, I would have very little interest in speaking to her. I would want to speak to the man who had journeys few would know. His life sounds much more interesting and that sums up why the journey is often more interesting than the final destination. What journey will I take? I choose the journey of life be it fun, boring or task laden..it doesn’t matter. It only matters how I choose to view it.

Emily February 1, 2016 at 2:29 am

These were all great lessons, both the “big” ones as well as the more random ones. I love that you learned from a 3-year old, which makes sense because kids are so observant and can say such profound things without even realizing it!

Rajlakshmi February 7, 2016 at 5:03 pm

I too end up taking up more things than I can handle… it can be stressful at times … but slowly learning to let it go 🙂
As for Magalsutra, I forgot to wear both sindoor and mangalsutra this time while visiting parents and in laws. And no one even said a thing. Well I was really surprised how cool they were 😀
Yes life is a She… absolutely loved that line 😀
Rajlakshmi recently posted…When I was TROLLED !!


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