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Unchain the Elephant #WednesdayWisdom

Unchain the elephant

You’ve probably lost count of the number of times you’ve read the story of the chained elephant, right? Okay one more time. Humor me. The elephant. Wild, free to explore, to discover and enjoy the beauty of its natural habitat. Yet, this massive powerful creature succumbs to a life tethered to a chain. Docile. Accepting. Settling. When elephants are born into captivity, the owner ties the animal to a tree or post with a thick chain. The idea is to…

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fear is the key vidya sury
Inspiring stories

Fear Is The Key #RiseAboveFear

Ever been stuck in a situation where you were afraid to take a decision that could change your life forever, but really had no choice? I have. Several times. The craziest thing was, I really had no other option.…

when the going gets tough
Inspiring stories

Remembering A Cup Of Peace

The 1950s-60s . . . somewhere in India. A Cup of Peace by Vidya Sury   I sit in my armchair, with my cup of coffee peace. As I lazily watch the little sparrow hop across our yard, pecking…