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Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

What Is Your Excuse? #WednesdayWisdom

What is your excuse

It’s the time of year—nay—month—when we dust out resolutions old and new and resolve to stick to them, don’t we? Well, while I’ve got goals, I’ve switched from resolutions to habits. Habits stick. Habits require you to be consistent and that’s what works for my routine, my health and my work. But Life does get in the way and we tend to put things off. Procrastinate. Often, it seems like the time or the moment is just not right for…

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Are you sitting on a nail
Mindful Living Wednesday Wisdom

Are you sitting on a nail?

A young man, who moved into a new neighborhood and settled down. Everything was fine, except for his neighbor and his dog. The dog howled all the time. The young man was patient. He thought, perhaps the dog had…