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How To Dream Big and Achieve Your Goals – Here are 5 Tips to Help You

by Vidya Sury April 9, 2023 0 comment
Dream Big!

We all have dreams. When we were kids, we were encouraged to dream big. Many of us have a dream life we’re trying to create. However, that’s not true of everyone. Life can be so demanding and hectic that you put off focusing on the things that are important to you. You think you’ll get to them eventually but that may not happen.

This is reality for many people

They are content to get by. To settle. But they may not have always been this person. They may have had big dreams and plans. Then life did a number on them. It got in the way. After years of living an okay but not great life, those dreams and plans don’t seem so realistic.

That’s because the current reality doesn’t support the belief that something wonderful can happen. It seems easier to decide to be happy with that “good enough” life rather than fight for the “life I really want” existence.

They may feel out of control, but they begin not to care.

Why does this happen?

The answer is a lack of motivation.

Right now, you might feel like you’re working for nothing—the monetary returns are not worth mentioning. And yet you must keep going to work to get by.

But what if you changed your perspective and saw your job as something that could get you where you want to go? Instead of using weekly and monthly bills as motivation, how about attaching your career to a bigger goal?

How To Dream Big and Achieve Your Goals – Here are 5 Tips to Help You

Dream big to motivate yourself

Going to work to pay the bills is not enough motivation to dream big. But if you are thinking that you must have a specific lifestyle by the time you retire, then you’ll look at your job quite differently.

When you have that added motivation, you feel a sense of control. The more you are motivated to do, the more responsibility you feel you have.

You start to look for ways to control the things you need to make your dream a reality. This only happens when you have big motivation.

Are you thinking big enough?

Michelle Gass, who ran Starbucks, helped the company move into 33 countries. When she first joined the coffee-based firm, she was asked to get behind a new drink. Starbucks had just launched the Frappuccino, and Gass was ordered to develop a growth strategy to make the drink popular.

What began as a side item now earns Starbucks more than $2 billion annually. That’s the income from just one drink. To say that Gass’ efforts worked out is obvious.

What was the approach she took that created such a winner for Starbucks? It’s one she’s used successfully in her career working with many Fortune 500 companies. She says her mantra is …

“Let’s think of how big this can be.”

She’s a firm believer in thinking big. A lot of leaders will tell you this. If you’re going to dream, dream big. Why think small when thinking big doesn’t take any extra effort?

It’s up to you, really. If you have a task or responsibility, shoot for the moon. You get to choose what you strive for in life. Aiming for big results can make your world better for you and everyone you care for. Accomplishing great things feels so rewarding. You might even surprise yourself with what you’re able to accomplish.

To start seeing the world as incredibly abundant, don’t think of lack or just enough to get by. Dream big and envision big change. Imagine big things in your life. What you consciously tell your subconscious self ends up as action. Your subconscious drives your actions, and your actions create the reality in your life.

Gass knows this. When Starbucks purchased Seattle’s Best Coffee, she employed her “think bigger” mantra. In just a single year, she took Seattle’s Best from 3,000 distribution points to over 50,000. That’s what happens when you think big.

If you want big things in your life, you’ve got to think big. Dare to dream big–bigger than you could possibly imagine. Even if you come up short, you will have achieved so much.

Dream Brig neon signage

Here are 5 tips to dream big and achieve your goals

When you’re chasing your dreams, wouldn’t it be great to have a genie in a bottle who can tell you how to reach them? Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist! Every person is different, and every dream is different. While you can’t rub a genie’s lamp and have your dreams appear in front of you, unless you are Alladin. But even Alladin had obstacles. However, here are five tips to take you closer to your dreams when you dream big.

1. Believe in yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, how will anyone else? It’s hard to overcome self-doubt, but once you do, you’ll succeed in ways you never imagined possible. Take some time every day to instill a sense of belief in yourself—you’ll be surprised at how quickly it starts working!

A straightforward way to do this is to track all the small gains you make toward your goal each day. Looking back at that daily reminds you that you are making progress and this will motivate you.

2. Change the way you look at failure

Failure is a good thing. Yep, you read that right. There’s nothing wrong with failure because it is 100% a learning opportunity. When you fail, you learn how to do better, how to persevere, and how to work harder to get to the place where you want to be.

 3. Create a vision for yourself

If you don’t know which way you’re going, how will you get there? Come up with a game plan for yourself, and make sure it’s specific. Don’t just say, “I hope I can get a promotion.” Say, “I will take these steps over the next four months to get the promotion I want and deserve.”

Practice saying that affirmation whenever self-doubt starts to bubble up.

Self-affirmation works!

4. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Sometimes, you need to delegate. Other times, you need to take the talking stick and run the meeting. If you want to make it big, you need to know what you’re good at—and what you’re not so great at.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Be honest with yourself and make a list. Then work on using your strengths more often and look for ways to improve your weaknesses, if that’s a smart investment in your big dream.

5. Practice perseverance

The most important thing is never to give up too soon. Don’t lose sight of your “why,” and don’t let anyone get in the way of your ambitions when you dream big. You’re here for a reason—stick to that reason and don’t stop until you’ve achieved your big dreams. It will be worth it in the end!

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