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    Making It Easy for Elderly Parents To Move In With You

    Making It Easy for Elderly Parents To Move In With You

    We’re supposedly “enjoying” a long weekend technically, but it has been far from relaxed. For one thing, both of us at home are frantically catching up on our work, having missed a chunk of last week running around doctors’ clinics, labs and sourcing medication alternatives that are out of supply. We’re trying to see the humor in this whole situation by laughing over how waiting in the doctor’s clinic is actually relaxation, except it is not. I wonder why the…

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  • Girlfriends Vidya Sury


    The old adage goes that “birds of a feather, flock together”. Maybe. But if you really look around, you’ll find more examples of peaceful co-existence. The variety of people we meet…

  • Growing old is hard to do Vidya Sury
    Healthy Living

    Growing Old is Hard to Do

    I’ve always believed that age is but a mere number, and what really matters is one’s attitude. However, every once in a while something happens to nudge that belief, just a…

  • Is meditation good for your kids Vidya Sury
    Mindful Living

    Is Meditation Good for Your Kids?

    Yes! Right off the bat, the answer is yes. Parents make every effort to teach their children good hygiene and healthy habits; for example, brushing teeth twice a day, eating vegetables,…