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    Are dust mites and pollen your permanent house guests?

    Are dust mites and pollen your permanent houseguests Vidya Sury

    Tackling household allergens–oh, what a challenge! Living in a city well known for its dust allergies, my family and I have our share of woes with sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing the year around. And more so when it is the season for allergies. Of these, two of the most frustrating household allergens are dust mites and pollen. I can never forget our frequent trips to the doctor with uncontrollable cough, only to return home feeling slightly frustrated with the knowledge that…

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    The Goodness of Life

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  • Toggr Keeping Children Safe Everywhere

    Toggr Review #KeepChildrenSafe

    One of the prime concerns of every parent, especially working parents, is their child’s safety. Considering how hectic life is for children these days, parents are always anxious about their whereabouts.…